By Kim Graae Munch.

Texts on the Three Logoi

There are the three godly creative powers in the universe, the three Logoi: In Kabbalah they are called the Father, Mother and Son and in Christianity they are called Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In Hindu terminology they are called Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. It’s different terminology, but the underlying reality is the same.

Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva Father, Son and Holy Spirit Taoist Triad Philosophers Mountain
Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva Father, Son and Holy Spirit   Taoist Triad Horus, Osiris and Isis Philosophers Mountain

The Father, Mother and Son symbology describes the creative type in relation to the creation and higher Logoi. The Mother is of course the Creator of humankind. The Father gives the idea, the Mother gives life and the Son gives form.  The Trinity defines their role in the creation.

The First Logos creates out of nothing, creates Consciousness. The Second Logos creates new Life out of the existing and guides the living. The Third Logos combines the created, the building blocks, the clockwork of the microcosmos.

There are three symbols for these that are known all over the world with small variations:

Three Logoi Symbols

The Second Logos works from within, it is the archetype of the created, it is the being in whose steps we try to follow. It is who we know as the Word, and it means that it is the most powerful being in the creation, the other two are the helpers of the Second Logos. The First Logos works from above, from the spirit and super conscious. The Third Logos works from below, from the body and the subconscious.

In India we have the word OUM,, also known as Amen.

We find these symbols in Royal Regalia too.

Royal Regalia from Europa, Egypt and Japan.

The royal regalia from Japan represent the three primary virtues: valor (the sword), wisdom (the mirror), and benevolence (the jewel).

The Egyptian sceptre or staff is one of the most ancient symbols of authority. The words "nobleman" and "official" both includes the hieroglyph of a staff, so the staff represent authority and power. This is the Second Logos. The three parted Flail is the Third Logos, the god of Karma.

In Europe we have the Apple, the Sceptre and the Mantle. We find them also in Joanne Rowlings symbol "The Deathle Hallows":


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The Logos Walks the Earth

Rudolf Steiner has written this text on the three Logoi, but I must admit I didn’t understand the text before I had worked it out for myself. Its very short and he doesn’t give any details or examples, but I think it’s one of the deepest secrets he has hidden here for us to find. I think it’s about time it becomes known.

The First Logoi created the physical world, the Second Logos filled it with life and the Third Logos manages the clockwork behind the physical world.

The Logos who is the soul of the Earth is often depicted in a cave. The life and death of Christ changed the soul of the Earth. Drinking me, eating me, walking on me. In the first half of Earth the Second Logos was the soul of the Earth while the First Logos was the Manu. The Second Logos was coming out of the cave to become the new Manu, Lazarus was becoming John. The Third Logos was as Jesus entering the cave, entering the Earth, becoming the Soul of Earth, the Holy Spirit.

The high spiritual powers of the Logoi work on Earth:

High spiritual beings whom we call masters stream down to us.
We should realize that it’s mainly they who guide us and are near to us in meditation.
We should also know that they walk on earth incarnated in a physical body. 
The Symbology and Meaning of AUM

Jesu Cave Lazarus Cave
Jesu Cave Lazarus Cave

See The Logos Walks the Earth

The Logoi’s Creating in the Physical world and the Fibonacci Sequence

From I was a young and hopeful mathematician I have been fascinated by the Golden mean and the Fibonacci Series, with its connection to plants and animals, but I lacked a good explanation for why it was found in all of nature, in all of the universe.

Plato said that the Golden Mean, Phi, is key to the universe. It has puzzled me over time as the interesting and beautiful structures following the Fibonacci numbers in nature aren’t explanation enough, there has to be a spiritual background. If the Golden Mean is the key, the Golden Triangle is the door.

See The Logoi’s Creating in the Physical world and the Fibonacci Sequence

The Three Logoi in the Theosophical tradition

From the Theosophical tradition:

First Logos is the “potentiality” of the Universe, whilst the Second Logos is the “potency” of the Universe. The Second emanates from the First. Being only latent, potential, and unmanifested, the First Logos is very close to the Absolute and indeed is Its direct radiation.

The Second Logos is the Manifested Logos. In and of itself it is actually only “the semi-manifested” for it manifests through and as the Third Logos.

The Third Logos is referred to variously as the Seven Rays [Planets], the Seven Creative Powers, or the Seven Logoi. The Second Logos contains in itself the Third Logos and manifests through and as this Third Logos...

If we call the First Logos latent potentiality and the Second differentiated consciousness, we can refer to the Third as the ultimate differentiation of the Second, in the form of individualised cosmic forces. From them “will proceed the innumerable series of Hierarchies.”

The main difference between Steiner and Blavatsky is that Steiner saw these descriptions as describing actual beings and hierarchies where Blavatsky saw them as abstractions. Vishnu is an example of the Second Logos, Shiva an example of the Third Logos and Brahma an example of the First Logos. Here it’s interesting to see that Brahma, First Logos, is both connected to the lowest world and the highest world, and that he really isn’t very active in the development of Earth. Krishna, who are the same as Vishnu, are the ‘I’ of the Earth, the center of the Seven Rays, the Heart Chakra of man, he is the main consciousness in the Earth development.

See The Three Logoi in the Theosophical tradition

The Three Logoi and the Mayan

I found these symbols in my research on the Three Logoi:

I found out they came from the research of Augustus Le Plongeon (1825-1906) on the Mayans. More here The Three Logoi and the Mayan.

The Taoist Triad and the Three Logoi

The Taoist tradition is not easy to understand for a western esoteric. It's a philosophy, not a religion, it's not about believing, it's about describing the reality, understanding the reality. Every detail has meaning.

All religious and esoteric traditions, philosophies and sciences try to describe the same world, and my goal was to find the shared pattern below all these. But, it’s not necessarily easy to find these patterns, the vocabularies are usually very different. The logic in Taoism seemed to be very different from the European tradition, where we had seven as key value they had eight, why?

Especially I Ching was fascinating with their trigrams and hexagrams. It was a very stringent logical system, although the reasons was elusive. It was very different from anything else in the rest of the world. The big question was how it had been created and what the logic behind them was. Was it possible to connect it with European or Indian esotericism, with Kabbalah or astrology?

Some years ago i found out why we used seven and they used eight, it was quite easy when I first found out: Outside China we count the seven inner planetary bodies except Earth, the Chinese includes the Earth. Here we have the eight bodies to the left and the seven bodied projection to the right, where the Sun and Earth are projected into the same point.

See The Taoist Triad and the Three Logoi

The Three Mother Letters

The Hebrew letters, their form and how they are created, how they are put together to extend its meaning or create new letters, is simply so beautiful and ingenious that it’s nearly unbelievable. The Hebrew letters is an artificial alphabet just as sanskrit is an artificial language. It reminds in it’s construction of a sublimation of Chinese signs.

The letters and words are archetypal signs, giving a unique strength to describe the esoteric wisdom that only can be understood through the archetypes and not through abstractions.

But we don’t need to understand the Hebrew letters, the archetypal informations is found everywhere. The reason I describe the Three Mother Letters is that they tell the same story as the Gnostic creation story around Sophia, the Christian and the Indian creation stories, and the Mayans, and many others, with a very simple but clear symbology.

The three mother letters is not only the three letters the other letters of the alphabet is formed, but also the primordial powers of the universe who created everything in existence, the Three Logoi, the Trinity.

See The Three Mother Letters

The Manichean Stream, Freemasonry, Templars and the Third Logos

I have had some problems with Manes and the Manichean stream, I had difficulties connecting it to the Rosicrucian stream or for them to coexist. I understood the incarnations of the Rosicrucian stream, but the incarnation of Manes didn’t fit in. The knowledge of the Three Logoi changes that, the puzzle pieces began finding each other. There were three streams not just one.

This text builds on a text Steiner have written on the Manichean stream in connection with the Freemasons and Templars, "The Temple Legend Lecture Six." The connection with the Third Logos is illuminating, it explains the more physical aspects compared to the Rosicrucian stream. My comments are in italics.

"From the Kingdom of Light a spark is sent into the Kingdom of Darkness in order that through itself the Darkness may be redeemed, in order that Evil may be overcome through [caring] gentleness."

See The Manichean Stream, Freemasonry, Templars and the Third Logos

The Symbology and Meaning of AUM

In the beginning was the word!

  1. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
  2. The same was in the beginning with God.
  3. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.
  4. In him was life; and the life was the light of men.

The Word was ॐ, OM, AUM or Amen, the physical world is the result of the resonance of the sound, when it in the beginning was recited.


AUM represents Brahman-Atman, and the three roots of the syllable are A + U + M.

The sound is the body of the soul, and it manifests in three, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, the three Logoi. The universe is the resonance of the word, a standing wave. The resonance is created by the First Logos, Brahma, and the Third Logos, Shiva. The Second Logos, Vishnu, is the Equilibrium, it gives content and form to the resonance of First and Third Logos.

See The Symbology and Meaning of AUM

Sophia Created in the Beginning

Sophia exists in all creation myths of Earth, directly or indirectly. The terminology or gender may vary, but the story is the same. Even within the Gnostic traditions the terminology vary wildly, and they are colored from the various religious traditions they come from.

I have here tried to show the story of Sophia in connection with other creation stories, and I have been surprised how much they are alike and how sophisticated they are.

Keywords: Isis, Kronos, Goethe and the Mothers, the Three Fates - the Moirai and the Norns, the Ariadne Thread, Archangel Michael, Marduk, Yaldabaoth, Sophia in Hindu Mythology, Vāc the Word, Saraswati - Goddess of wisdom, Brahma, the Supreme Being of Light, Vishnu, Shakti, Mahakal(i) and Atman.

Sophia existed in the beginning, from before Chaos. When the Beginning is mentioned in religious or esoteric texts it's always about beings known as the Beginnings, Æons, or Spirits of Time and Personality.

With Sophia started time and and a new creation. All new creation starts with the First Logos, Adam or Brahma/Atma is created within time. Through the seven æons Atma is developed to become Atman.

The dominion of Sophia is what we call soul, the soul contain our personality and understanding of time.

She came out of Pistis (faith) in the form of primeval light. Immediately her will manifested itself as a likeness of heaven, with an unimaginable magnitude.

Together with Pistis, she brought a great power into being in the first æon, who we know as the Father, Adam, Osiris or Brahma, which became like a veil between the immortals and those who came into being after them.

In the second æon the Second Logos, Eve/Isis who are Buddhi, is created and Sophia emanates down into her through the Father, the First Logos or Athena springs out of the head of Zeus.

Birth of Athena

Cain, her masculine side, separates out of Sophia and descends down and his I AM permeates the etheric world, what should be transformed to Buddhi.

In the third æon the Third Logos, Abel who are Manas, is created. Abel enters the physical world through Seth, to develop it to be ready to incorporate the soul, to incorporate Sophia.

This way to show the descent down into the material is very like the way Taoism shows the creation.

The trigrams are build from below, where the lowest line represents the First Logos, the middle line the Second Logos and the top line the Third Logos. Here a representation of the development of the trigrams, and related to western symbolism.


See Sophia Created in the Beginning

Christ and the Three Logoi

Steiner has described many of the most important secrets around the Trinity in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Gospel of Mark:

It must be spoken of in this way if we are to describe it in the sense of the Mark Gospel, for most remarkable things are described in it, and especially what is presented as having taken place within the soul of Christ Jesus Himself. ~Steiner

We all have an idea about who Jesus was, but what was his significant role in Earth development? The Holy Spirit is maybe the least understood mystery of all, but it is a mystery worth solving.

Steiner wrote the story around the two Jesus children, but what is the deeper reason behind it? Steiner also wrote that the etheric body of Zarathustra became part of Moses, his astral body became part of Hermes, and his 'I' became part of Jesus, but I think most have problems using the knowledge, what did Steiner want to tell with the information? Who was Zarathustra?

I will here show a number of small texts by Steiner, and a few others, on these questions.

See Christ and the Trinity

The Soul as Truth, Beauty and Love

This is an extract of Rudolf Steiner’s lecture on Truth, Beauty and Goodness, and it’s an alternate way to look at the soul. And it's the expression of the Three Logoi.

From the heading: “Rudolf Steiner stated that the primary function of education is to exercise the students’ faculties of thinking, feeling and willing. These basic human qualities manifest in civilization as the “eternal verities” of truth, beauty and goodness, and these in turn in science, art and religion.”

Beauty, Truth, Love

See The Soul as Truth, Beauty and Love

The Three Logoi by Johannes Scotus Eriugena

Theologians have been set up and delivered the creeds, so that we may believe in the heart and confess with the mouth that divine goodness consists of three constituents of a single entity.

And this has not happened without consideration of psychic knowledge and rational research. Namely, when enlightened by the divine Spirit, they contemplate the One Ineffable All-Cause and the One Simple and Indivisible Starting Point, they have called this Unity.

By continuing to look at unity itself, not in empty isolation, but in wonderfully fertile multiplicity, they have thought of three constituents of unity: one non-generated, one begotten and one outgoing.

The behavior of the non-generated substance to the begotten called her father; the behavior of the begotten substance to the non·begolten they called son: the behavior of forthcoming permanence to the unkilled and begotten called her Holy Spirit." - Johannes Scotus Eriugena: On the Division of Nature"

Planetary Seals for the seven incarnations of the Earth

Rudolf Steiner have described the Rosicrucian cosmology as a sequence of seven planetary incarnations of the Earth, where we now are in the middle.

The seals describe the Three Logoi weaving through each other in our reality, to further the development, the creation.

Planetary Seals Rudolf Steiner

See Spirits of Form and the Creation of Humanity.

The Cosmic Christ

"There is an earthly sun, which is the cause of all heat, and all who are able to see may see the sun; and those who are blind and cannot see him may feel his heat.

There is an Eternal Sun, which is the source of all wisdom, and those whose spiritual senses have awakened to life will see that sun and be conscious of His existence; but those who have not attained spiritual Consciousness may yet feel His power by an inner faculty which is called Intuition." ~Paracelsus

Extract from Rudolf Steiner's "The Influence of Spiritual Beings on Man", Lecture II: The Cosmic Christ and the Etheric Sun.

Working Papers Esoteric History

History on earth starts with the three Logoi, the creation of the Father, the Son of God and the Son of Man, Adam, Cain and Abel. We know them as Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. In this the mother is hidden, we could also write Adam, Eve+Cain and Abel+Seth, because Cain is the mascyline side of Eve, he is not a son of Adam, and Abel stayes back awaiting his time, but Seth is the physical representation of Abel.

See Sophia, Created in the Beginning

Adam and Eve – Anthropos and Sophia

Adam is created in the Beginning by the Word. He is the mineral being and the transformed mineral, Atma. This is the First Logos. Out of Adam comes Eve, the Second Logos, a projection of Sophia, Buddhi or wisdom.

Cain, Abel and Seth

Eve's masculine side is Cain, the Etheric, who are the Son of God, the archetypal human, in whose footsteps humanity walks. He enters the physical world, are the active creator, the Word, who we also know as Yahve, Yaldebaroth, Vishnu, and many more, who develop life on Earth from the smallest cells to the human body used by Jesus.

Abel is the Son of Man, the Third Logos we know as Jesus, he is a reflection of Adam and Eve, the Second Logos. Krishna is his first apperance on Earth, but in the etheric 'blue' form, his first physical incarnation is as Jesus, the Son of Man.

Seth is the Abel being, not as part of God, as in Krishna, but as an individual, who give the astral body to humankind and helps humankind develop the astral body. The incarnation of Lucifer.

Cain and Abel

What do we know about these three, what does the tradition tell about them?

Cain is the Son of God, where Abel is the Son of Man.

Cain is cast down onto the Earth.

The name Cain, means smith or metalsmith, but resembles the verb translated as 'gotten' or 'to make'.

Abel stays back, just as Rudolf Steiner says about the Nathan Jesus. The name of Abel in Hebrew is composed of the same three consonants as a root meaning "breath". Breath meaning spirit, the breath of God.

Abel have two sisters. This is an interesting information as it is a pattern that we will find again, as family, lovers or friends.

From Sacred Texts

Cain was a twin, for with him was born a girl; and Abel was one of three, for with him came two girls.--Gen. Rabba 22.

From Wikipedia

Various early commentators have said that Cain and Abel have sisters, usually twin sisters. According to Rabbi Joshua ben Karha as quoted in Genesis Rabbah, "Only two entered the bed, and seven left it: Cain and his twin sister, Abel and his two twin sisters."

A prominent Mesopotamian parallel to Cain and Abel is the Sumerian myth of the Courtship of Inanna and Dumuzid, in which the shepherd Dumuzid and the farmer Enkimdu compete for the affection of the goddess Inanna, with Dumuzid (the shepherd) winning out. Another parallel is Enlil Chooses the Farmer-God, in which the farmer-god Emesh and the shepherd-god Enten bring their dispute over which of them is better to the chief god Enlil, who rules in favor of Enten (the shepherd).

According to Midrashic tradition, Cain and Abel each had twin sisters; each was to marry the other's. The Midrash states that Abel's promised wife, Aclima, was more beautiful. Since Cain would not consent to this arrangement, Adam suggested seeking God's blessing by means of a sacrifice. Whoever God blessed would marry Aclima. When God openly rejected Cain's sacrifice, Cain slew his brother in a fit of jealousy and anger.

On Seth

From Wikipedia

In gnosticism, Seth is seen as a replacement given by God for Abel, whom Cain had slain.

It is said that late in life, Adam gave Seth secret teachings that would become the kabbalah.

The Zohar refers to Seth as "ancestor of all the generations of the tzaddikim" (Hebrew: righteous ones).

In the Antiquities of the Jews, Josephus refers to Seth as virtuous and of excellent character, and reports that his descendants invented the wisdom of the heavenly bodies, and built the "pillars of the sons of Seth", two pillars inscribed with many scientific discoveries and inventions, notably in astronomy.

Some sources say that Seth was the receiver of scriptures. These scriptures are said to be the "first scriptures" mentioned in Q 87:18. Medieval historian and exegete al-Tabari and other scholars say that Seth buried Adam and the secret texts in the tomb of Adam, i.e., the "Cave of Treasures".

Within Islamic tradition Seth holds wisdom of several kinds; knowledge of time, prophecy of the future Great Flood, and inspiration on the methods of night prayer.

See Esoteric History

Padmasambhava - Emanation of the Third Logos?

A dear friend of mine told me about Padmasahmbhava, the founder of Tibetan Buddhism. She wrote:

• He was born on a lotus.

• He loved the elementals and freed them through his compassion.

• As soon as he was born the elemental beings recognized him.

• And he could see them.

• He was their redeemer just like Christ was the redeemer of mankind.

• He used love to tame the most evil and ugly elementals and made them live more harmoniously with mankind.

• So the elementals actually came to love him as much as it was in their capacity to love.

This all points toward the Third Logos, whose consciousness and ‘I’ are in the elemental world, the Astral world. He is the Son of Man, of the Second Logos, as Abel or Jesus, he is one step deeper into the physical than mankind, where mankind is the Son of God, of the Cain family, son of the First Logos.

Padmasambhava - Founder of Tibetan Buddhism

In his Jesus incarnation we are also shown his power over the demonic elemental world, he could see them and they recognized him and he cared. Jesus also didn’t hold the restrictions of religion and customs, he showed that we should live fully, have joy in life.

In his etheric incarnation as Krishna we also see his powers over the demonic. One of Krishna’s tasks is to teach humanity love and to love, and this is also a strong theme for Padmasambhava.

Padmasambhava, Indra and Thor

It’s interesting that Padmasambhava’s icons are the same as Indra’s and looking at the powers of Indra, it’s a good guess that Indra is the Third Logos. Indra is a young god, somewhat childish. Both Krishna and Padmasambhava are also shown as a child in depictions, as a young god. Moustache is also used to show that a being is a young god or avatar.

Indra is the same as the Thunder God Thor, and Shiva is the same as Loki, and the relation between Thor and Loki is a good description of the relation between the tamed astral and the chaotic astral, between order and chaos.

I think Padmasambhava is the central force behind establishing the Tibetan Buddhism. The teaching of Manes continued in new clothes in Tibet. It also explains the more physical characteristics of the Tibetan Buddhism, of the role elementals and demons play in the daily life of the Tibetans.

He practiced and educated in tantric practices together with Mandarava, one of his two consorts, they mastered the physical fully, and they achieved or build the rainbow body, the resurrection body, the purified physical body. Both are believed to be alive in the rainbow Body today by their followers.

Both Mandarava and Padmasambhava's other main consort, Yeshe Tsogyal, are said to have reached Buddhahood, which is quite possible with a rainbow body, resurrection body.

See Padmasambhava

The Two Pillars and the Planet of Love

Steiner's lectures on the Apocalypse of John are some of the most interesting, as it takes us into the machine room of God. The Apocalypse is written in archetypal symbol language, so it also gives a feeling for the symbols, what are sorely needed in this age.

The Apocalypse describes the curriculum of human development, it's not a prediction! Here I will show a number of extracts of Steiner's lectures on the seven ages we are living through, also about the War of All Against All, as many seems to believe it's now, but it's far out in the future after the seventh age of America. I have also included an intuitive description of the first part of Earth, called Mars.

Steiner describes also the two major powers and personalities behind the development of humankind, who he calls for the Pillars of Strength and Wisdom. A planetary æon is the result of the work of the previous two planetary powers, here the old Sun and the old Moon. They are reflected in the Mars and Mercury æon, respectively. The result is the Pillar of Love. These are the Three Logoi.

The Planet of Love, is the Rosicrucian name for the Earth development, where Steiner calls it for the Cosmos of Love, meaning the solar system and not the whole unlimited universe. The main goal on Earth is to develop Love in our soul.

See The Two Pillars and the Planet of Love

Work files:

Genesis, Cain and Abel, Adam and Eve,


Indra (God of Thunder and Lightning),

The Great Initiates Ram ~Édouard Schuré.

Enki, Enkidu and Gilgamesh