By Kim Graae Munch.

The Cosmic Christ and the Zodiac

"There is an earthly sun, which is the cause of all heat, and all who are able to see may see the sun; and those who are blind and cannot see him may feel his heat.

There is an Eternal Sun, which is the source of all wisdom, and those whose spiritual senses have awakened to life will see that sun and be conscious of His existence; but those who have not attained spiritual Consciousness may yet feel His power by an inner faculty which is called Intuition." ~Paracelsus

I have changed the translations from ego to 'I' so it is in agreement with Steiners original text where he uses the German 'Ich'. See German original as pdf file: GA 102.

General Constitution of Higher Beings

From Rudolf Steiner's: The Influence of Spiritual Beings on Man, Lecture II

When we speak of man in terms of Spiritual Science we say that the whole man — and we think of man only in this sense — is a seven-fold being, consisting of physical body, etheric body, astral body, ‘I’, spirit-self, life-spirit, spirit-man. His development is not yet complete but will be when his sevenfold being has fully developed.

But in the great cosmic All there are beings other than man, beings of a different nature. There are, for example, beings in the cosmos of whom we cannot say that, like man, they have the physical body as one of their members. There are beings of whom we must speak differently.

The members of which man is composed can be enumerated as follows:

  1. Spirit-Man
  2. Life-Spirit
  3. Spirit-Self
  4. Soul, 'I'
  5. Astral Body
  6. Etheric Body
  7. Physical Body

Now there are beings whose lowest member is the etheric body; they too are sevenfold, having an eighth member, higher than spirit-man. We begin to enumerate thus: etheric body, astral body, and so forth, finishing with a member above our spirit-man (Atma). [Angels]

There are other beings whose lowest member is the astral body; above spirit-man they have an eighth and yet a ninth member. [Archangels]

Again there are beings whose lowest member is the ‘I,’ the soul, and who therefore have not a physical nor an etheric nor an astral body in our sense but whose ‘I’ streams outwards without the three sheaths. [Archai, Spirit of Time and Personality.] They are therefore beings who send forth I’s in all directions. These Beings have an eighth, a ninth, and a tenth member; they are described in the Apocalypse as beings who are “full of eyes”.

Hermes kills the Titan Argus in front of Zeus

Then there are beings in whom spirit-self (Manas) is the lowest member. They have yet an eleventh member. [Spirits of Form.]

And finally there are beings whose lowest member is the life-spirit and who have yet a twelfth member.

You must therefore think of beings who, just as man's lowest member is a physical body, have life-spirit (Budhi) as their lowest member and above, a highest member best designated by the number 12.

These are most sublime beings, far transcending everything that man is able to conceive. How is it possible to form any kind of idea of these most wonderful, most sublime beings?

Cosmic Christ
To the left we have the Zodiac with the hierachies. The seven from Pisces to Virgo is man, and the seven from Libra to Aries is the Sacrificial or Mystical Lamb. To the right the Royal Arch, a Masonic symbol, containing the upper and first seven signs, the Mystical Lamb, the Cosmic Christ. The body of the Sacrificial Lamb is Libra, Life Spirit, purified etheric body, the Etheric Sun that sacrifies it's energy for all of creation.

Man in the Surrounding Universe

When we try to characterize man, in one aspect, it is obvious that with respect to the universe, he is a being who receives.

The things and beings of the world are outspread around you; you perceive them, you form concepts of them. Just imagine that the world around you were empty, or dark. You could have no perceptions, nor would there be anything of which you could form concepts.

You have to rely upon receiving from outside the content of your inner world.

It is characteristic of man that he is a being who receives; he receives the content of his soul-life, his inner life, from outside; things must exist in the world if his soul is to have content.

The nature of man's etheric body is such that it could experience nothing in itself were it not beholden to the whole surrounding universe for all experiences, for everything that enters into it.

The Cosmic Christ as Life Giver

These beings of whom I have just told you, who have life-spirit as their lowest member, are in an entirely different position. In respect of their life, these beings are not dependent upon receiving anything from outside; they are “givers,” they are themselves creative.

You know from what I have often told you, that the I works in the etheric body and that ‘Budhi’ is nothing else than a transformed etheric body, In respect of substance, therefore, the life-spirit too is an ether body.

Hilma af Klint: Altarspiece No 1.
The Cross is symbol for the Cosmic Christ, with the I AM as the flame in the center, the etheric, intellectual soul, and Buddhi as the horisontal axis, and with the soul as the vertical axis.
Anthropos or Atman, the I AM, move up through the left physical side where the Sophia moves up through the right spiritual side, where they meet in the soul. Through seven æons Atman move from the physical to Atma.
Here we have the seven rayes from the mystical Lamb, the Cosmic Christ defining our reality the seven planet, the seven Charkras, and the seven hierarchies we are part of.

The Etheric Sun

The twelfth member of these sublime beings is also an ‘ether body’ but one which pours forth life, which works in the world in such a way that it does not receive life but gives it forth, offers life in perpetual sacrifice. [Sophia, Christ, Apollo, the etheric sun giving energy to all of creation.]

And now let us ask: Can we conceive of a being who is in ‘some’ way connected with us and who radiates life into our universe? Is it possible to conceive of life that is perpetually streaming into the world, imbuing the world with life? [Sophia, Apollo, the Etheric sun.]

Let us think for a moment of what was said at the beginning of the lecture, namely that there are ascending and descending forces — forces that are ascending to the Zodiac and forces that are descending from the Zodiac.

How has man reached a position which makes it possible for something to stream from within him? What has happened to man that enables something to stream forth from him? He has reached this position because his ‘I’, after long, long preparation, has steadily unfolded and developed. This I has been in course of preparation for long, long ages.

For truth to tell, the object of all existence in the Saturn-condition, the Sun-condition and the Moon-condition when the sheaths into which the I was to be received were produced — was to prepare for the I. In those earlier conditions, other beings created the dwelling-place for the I.

Now, on the earth, the dwelling-place was at the stage where the I could take root in man [Golgotha] and from then onwards the I began to work upon the outer, bodily sheaths from within.

The fact that the ‘I’ is able to work from within has also brought about a surplus, a surplus of ascending forces; there was no longer a state of parity.

Before the ‘I’ was able to work within man, the ascending forces gradually evolved until the middle point had been reached; and when the, ‘I’ actually entered into man the ascending and the descending forces had reached the stage where they were in ‘balance.’

At the entry of the ‘I’ [I AM], the ascending [Anthropos] and the descending [Sophia] forces were in balance [Athroposophia] and it rests with man to turn the scales in the right direction.

That is why the occultists have called the constellation which was entered at the time when the 'I' itself began to operate, the ‘Balance’ (Libra).

Up to the end of Virgo, preparation was being made for the deeds of the 'I' in our planetary evolution, but the 'I' had not itself begun to work.

When Libra had been reached the 'I' itself began to participate and this was a most important moment in its evolution.

Just think what it means that the ‘I’ had reached this stage of evolution: From then on it was possible for the ‘I’ to participate in the work of the forces belonging to the Zodiac, to reach into the Zodiac. The more the 'I' strives for the highest point of its evolution, the more it works into the Zodiac.

There is nothing that happens in the innermost core of the ‘I’ that has not its consequences right up to the very Zodiac. And inasmuch as man with his ‘I’ lays the foundations for his development to Atma, or spirit-man, he develops, stage by stage, the forces which enable him to work upwards into the sphere of Libra, the Balance, in the Zodiac.

He will attain full power over Libra in the Zodiac when his ‘I’ has developed to Atma, or spirit-man. He will then be a being from whom something streams out, who has passed out of the sphere of Time into the sphere of Duration, of Eternity.

Such is the path of man. But there are other beings whose lowest sphere of operation is man's highest. Let us try to conceive of these beings whose lowest sphere of operation is man's highest (Libra in the Zodiac).

When we relate man to the Zodiac, he reaches to Libra. The Being whose innermost nature belongs wholly to the Zodiac, whose forces belong wholly to the Zodiac, who only manifests in planetary life through his lowest member, which corresponds to Libra (as man's lowest member corresponds to Pisces) — this is the Being who spreads life throughout the whole of our universe:

Chartres Labyrinth
The creation starts in Aries and moves down or out to Pisces, and the development moves up from Pisces toward Aries. But the development don't move linearly in or up.

Just as man receives life into himself, so does this Being radiate life through the whole of our universe. This is the Being Who has the power to make the great sacrifice and Who is inscribed in the Zodiac as the Being Who for the sake of our world offers Himself in sacrifice.

Just as man strives upwards into the Zodiac, so does this Being send us His sacrificial gift from Aries — which is related to Him as Libra is related to man. And just as man turns his ‘I’ upwards to Libra, so does this Being radiate His very Self over our sphere in sacrifice.

This Being is called the “Mystical Lamb,” for Lamb and Aries are the same; therefore the description ‘Sacrificial Lamb’ or ‘Ram’ is given to Christ.

Christ belongs to the cosmos as a whole. His I reaches to Aries and thus He becomes Himself the “Great Sacrifice,” is related with the whole of mankind and in a certain sense the beings and forces present on the earth are His creations.

The configuration of forces is such that He could become the Creator of these beings in the constellation of Aries, or the Lamb. The designation “Sacrificial Lamb” or “Mystical Lamb” is drawn from the heavens themselves.

This is one of the aspects revealed to us when from our circumscribed existence we look up into the heavens and perceive the interworking of heavenly forces and beings in cosmic space.

Mystical Lamb

Gradually we begin to realize that the forces streaming from heavenly body to heavenly body are akin to those forces which stream from one human soul to another as love and hate. We perceive soul-forces streaming from star to star and learn to recognize the heavenly script which records for us what is wrought and effected by those forces in cosmic space.

Hilma af Klint 3 altarpieces

Hilma af Klint - Three Altarpieces.

My interpretation. The first altarpiece shows the down streaming of the seven hierarchies we are part of, the seven inner planets, the seven chakras. The second altarpiece may show what we send back to the Logos, corresponding to the five lower bodies. The third altarpiece is the Cosmic Christ with the First Logos in the blue upper right, the Second Logos in the upper left gold colored, and the bottom with the rays is the Third Logos working into the creation.

The Region of Leo

From The Spiritual Hierarchies, Lecture 8

Each member of the human body was given a distinct name in ancient speech. The heart was called the Lion within the body. Primeval wisdom said: to which direction of the Zodiac must one point, if one wishes to indicate the region out of which were laid the first foundations of the human heart? They pointed upwards, and named the Thrones, Cherubim and Seraphim who acted from the region of Leo (Lion). Man received the first outline of his physical body projected from out [of] universal space, and the region of his body, which he was accustomed to call inwardly, Leo, was also called the region of Leo out in the Zodiac Thus are these things connected.

Thus also have all the other foundations or germs of the human organs been formed by the Animal Circle or Zodiac. The heart was formed by Leo the Lion. Near the heart, the cage of the ribs, which is necessary for the protection of the heart, was called the breastplate. In the beginning a region had naturally to be formed before the inclusion of the heart. Another name for the breastplate arose, which was taken from an animal who had received such a breastplate from nature — Cancer, the Crab; that which is out in space is really called ‘breastplate,’ a protection which the Crab has from nature, hence that region was called ‘the Crab.’ It lies on one side of the Lion. The other regions of the Zodiac were named according to the same principle. In fact, it is man projected outwards into universal space who has given these designations to the Zodiacal circle. But it is not always so easy to discover the original intention, in the transformed names, as for example, with the Crab. The name has not always been transmitted in a direct line, so that one has to return to the original sense if the meaning is to be made clear.

Man as an Image of Macrocosm

From Rudolf Steiner, The Fifth Gospel, III

The ordinary man is a microcosm in relation to the macrocosm, he is an image of the whole macrocosm. Such is the body of the individual human being — that is to say, what comes to manifestation in the physical body of a man. What man becomes on earth reflects the great universe.

With the Christ Being the opposite is the case. The macrocosmic Sun Being shapes Himself into likeness with the form of the human microcosm, narrows and contracts more and more into the human microcosm. Exactly the opposite!

Viśvákarma - The divine architect of the Universe

Vishvakarma From The Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature, lecture 9, April 13, 1912:

"Then came the civilisation of Zarathustra; and Zarathustra pointed again to the same being whom the Holy Rishis had called Vishvakarma, only he alluded to him in his own way as Ahura Mazdao. The Holy Rishis knew, as also did Zarathustra, that what is meant by Vishvakarma represents the Spirit of Wisdom who streams down upon the earth and encompasses wider spheres than do the individual Spirits of Motion. Zarathustra too knew that Ahura Mazdao has wider spheres than the Spirits of Motion."

Viśvákarma is the deity of all craftsmen and architects, which reminds of Cains and Hiram Abiff, the Principal Universal Architect who fabricated and designed the divine architecture of the Universe. Brahma emerges at the moment when time and universe is born, inside a lotus rooted in the navel of Hari, Vishnu. In Rig veda Viswakarma is seen as the Ultimate reality, from whose navel all the visible comes. Same imagery is seen in Yajurveda purusha sukta, where the divine smith Tvastar originating from Viswakarma. As he is Aja the unborn he is the primordial personification of the upanishadic Parabrahman.

Vishwakarma was the universal father, creator and an all seeing god who has faces, eyes and feet on every side; and who produced and gave name to all the Heavenly, Earthly and other Celestial realms and preserves them through the exercise of his arms and wings. He sacrificed himself to himself for the evolution of this visible world, thus he is Purusha, in Christian tradition, the Mystical Lamb.

Vishvakarma created five sons - corresponding to his five faces. Visvakarma's eldest son was Manu, who married Kanchna, the daughter of sage Angira. The second son was Maya, who married Soumya, the daughter of Parasar rishi. The third son was Tvasta, who married sage Kaushik's daughter, Jayanti. The fourth son, Shilpi, was married Karuna, daughter of Sage Bhrigu. The youngest son, Devagya (Visvajna) married the Sage Gemini's daughter, Chandrika. Their respective Rishis were Sanaga Brahma Rishi, Sanaathana Brahma Rishi, Abhuvanasa Brahma Rishi, Prathnasa Brahma Rishi, and Suparnasa Brahma Rishi.

Visvakarma's five sons are Manu, Maya, Tvasta, Shilpi and Visvajna (Devagya). The sons are understood to be the forbearers of five gotras (clans) of Vedic craftsmen: Manu was an ironsmith, a clan of blacksmiths, Maya was a woodcrafter, a clan of carpenters, Tvasta was a metalsmith who worked with brass, copper and alloy, a clan of bell metalworkers (metal casters), Silpi was a stone carver, a clan of stonemasons, and Visvajna, the youngest son, became a great jeweler, working with gold and silver, a clan of goldsmiths.

See Sophia - Created in the Beginning, Wikipedia.

On Atman

"The higher bodies flow into one another. For instance, Atman is in truth a one-ness for the whole of humanity, like an atmosphere shared in common. Nevertheless the Atman of the single human being is to be understood as if each one were to cut a piece for himself out of the common karma, so that, as it were, incisions are made in it. But the separateness must be overcome. This we do when we form human attachments of a purely soul nature. By so doing we do away with the separateness and recognize the unity of Atman in everything."

Rudolf Steiner [October 9, 1905].

Vishnu, the Omnipresent One

However, the supreme personality of the light worlds is Brahma, the highest Light being within the universe, in the topmost ‘heaven’.

Brahma, though, is not the supreme creator, he is a created being, the ‘first-born Son of God’. There are countless universes with countless Brahmas but in each universe there is only one.

The universes themselves emanate from the absolute Individual, in Sanskrit called Vishnu, ‘the omnipresent One’, God as Creator. The emanation and dissolution of the countless universes is described as the exhaling and inhaling of Vishnu, as bubbles of space and time within the Causal Ocean of Vishnu.

Within this primordial universe Brahma appears as a ray, or ‘son’, of Vishnu. Through Brahma, hierarchical dimensions of existence are materialized, basically seven in number. It is Brahma who creates in ‘seven days’, starting with the channelling of light into the dark universe: ‘Let light come to be.’

See Sophia, Created in the Beginning.

The Birth of the Sunspirit

The inner spiritual light is the etheric light of Buddhi.

From The Birth of the Sun-Spirit as the Spirit of the Earth.

For in the autumn, when outer Nature fades, when the sun's creations fall as it were into slumber and man's organs of outer perception must turn away from the phenomena of the physical world, the soul has the opportunity — nay not only the opportunity but the urge — to withdraw into its innermost depths, in order to feel and to experience: Now, when the light of the outer sun is faintest and its warmth feeblest, now is the time when the soul withdraws into the darkness but can find within itself the inner, spiritual Light.

The lights on the Christmas Tree stand there before us as a symbol of the inner, spiritual Light that is kindled in the outer darkness. And because what we feel to be the spirit-light of the soul shining into the darkness of Nature seems to be an eternal reality, we imagine that the lighted fir-tree shining out to us on Christmas Night must have been shining ever since our earthly incarnations began.

The Twelve Stages of Consciousness

There are seven grades of human consciousness: trance consciousness, deep sleep, dream consciousness, waking consciousness, psychic, super-psychic and spiritual consciousness.

Actually these are in all twelve stages of consciousness; the five others are creative stages. They are those of the Creators, of the creative Gods. These twelve stages are related to the twelve signs of the zodiac.

The human being must pass through the experiences of these twelve stages. He ascended through the trance, deep sleep and dream consciousness up to the present clear day consciousness.

In the succeeding stages of planetary evolution he will reach still higher stages. All those which he has already passed through he will also retain within him.

The physical body has the dull trance consciousness as this was gained by man on Old Saturn. The human etheric body has the consciousness of dreamless sleep, as this developed on Old Sun. The astral body dreams in the same way as one dreams during sleep. Dream consciousness derives from the Old Moon period. On our present Earth, man achieves waking consciousness. The ’I’ has clear day-consciousness. ~Rudolf Steiner, Lecture 1. 26th September 1905

See also Sophia, Created in the Beginning where it's described how Buddhi and the etheric sun was created in various traditions.

The Three Mother Letters

The Hebrew letters, their form and how they are created, how they are put together to extend its meaning or create new letters, is simply so beautiful and ingenious that it’s nearly unbelievable. The Hebrew letters is an artificial alphabet just as sanskrit is an artificial language. It reminds in it’s construction of a sublimation of Chinese signs.

The letters and words are archetypal signs, giving a unique strength to describe the esoteric wisdom that only can be understood through the archetypes and not through abstractions.

But we don’t need to understand the Hebrew letters, the archetypal informations is found everywhere. The reason I describe the Three Mother Letters is that they tell the same story as the Gnostic creation story around Sophia, the Christian and the Indian creation stories, and the Mayans, and many others, with a very simple but clear symbology.

The Three Mother Letters

The three mother letters is not only the three letters the other letters of the alphabet is formed, but also the primordial powers of the universe who created everything in existence, the Three Logoi, the Trinity.

See The Three Hebrew Mother Letters.

The history of God is described through the development from Aries down to Pisces.

The Cosmic Christ and Man in the Kabbalah Tree of Life

The Hidden meaning of the Greek Alphabet - Under development Under Construction

The Greek Alphabet Code of Simaioforos Theologos:

The consonants are divided in two groups, the celestials and the earthly. This helps us separate, conceptually, the actions and properties of letters.

Character Name Eng. Greek Alphabet Code of Simaioforos Theologos  
Α α alpha
Primary Force The letter Α (Alpha) means the Primary Force and schematically it is a complex letter, as Λ and Δ are embedded. This shows that we perceive this Primary Force through Solar radiation.
Β β beta
Energy (in any form)  
Γ γ gamma
Δ δ delta
Power - Force - Construction - Creation When we close the shape of Λ (Λ-Δ) we create a triangle, just like a dynamic energy field and the letter Δ (Delta) is created, which means Δ = Power-Force that constructs and creates.
Ε ε epsilon
Motion - Movement - Course - Expansion We use the letter Ε(Epsilon) when we call somebody from afar.
Ζ ζ zêta
Life – Heat – Warmth Ζ (Zeta), by shape, describes the power of thunderbolt that is charging earth.
Η η êta
ê Double descent of radiation – Appearance - Revelation The letter Η (Eta) is two Ι iota united (Ι+Ι). Ι describes an invisible constant supply of creative force and doubled it becomes visible. Η means Appearance-Revelation.
Θ θ, ϑ thêta
Viewing The letter Θ (Theta) describes a space (Ο) bisected by an horizontal line. This line expresses a level (for example: the horizon). If we look to the horizon through a telescope we see a Θ.
Ι ι iota
Constant supply - Descent of force-light-radiation The Mystical Lamb, the Cosmic Christ the source of energy to the creation.
Κ κ kappa
Down - Low - Low qualities of energy  
Λ λ lambda
Solar radiation – Illumination (in spiritual levels) and liquids in Nature (when forces on Earth) The letter that exactly expresses the Solar radiation, is Λ(Lambda), consisting of two I(Iota) from a single point.
Μ μ mu
Concentrated solar radiation - Visible nature Μ (Mu), shows two Lambda (ΛΛ) united. The double amount of solar radiation leads to condensation of matter, things and creatures becomes visible.
Ν ν nu
Mind – Intellect – Law (in a spiritual level) and Water (in Nature, in material level)  
Ξ ξ xi
(Κ+Σ) What is down in internal space - Case  
Ο ο omikron
Particular Space or Area of all sizes – A Body First Logos
Π π pi
Fire – Father – the Paternal Fire Π (Pi) is a celestial consonant, so its horizontal line refers to the sky-heaven level. The two vertical lines are the energy suppliers and surround all that is “under His protection”. The letter Π, means primarily Father God and secondarily Fire – the first element of Creation.
Ρ ρ rho
Flowing of energy-radiance-liquid, the flux of radiation The letter Ρ(Rho) represents a space Ο, from which the radiation of an Ι (Iota) is “flowing”, so Ρ, means flow.
Σ σ, ς
Internal space– inside viewing  
Τ τ tau
Consolidation - Firmament of force-radiation-energy The letter Τ (Tau) as an earthly consonant, its horizontal line refers to the ground level. All the force that governs this letter, acts under the surface of the earth, but because of the concentration of the earthen material, this force is consolidated.
Υ υ upsilon
Concentration - Accumulation of force-radiation-energy Υ (Upsilon) is shaped like funnel.
Φ φ phi
Light – Illumination (natural or spiritual) Second Logos - The letter Φ describes a space (Ο), that is «bisected» by a vertical line. This line is an Ι(Iota). (I) is the descent of a vertical line of a small quantity of force, light or life energy that constantly supplies (Ο) a space, causing action and movement in the created. Φ means the Light.
Χ χ chi
Soil elements – Earthly bodies  
Ψ ψ psi
(Π+Σ) Internal Fire  
Ω ω omega
Planet - Upon the planet  

When children draw the sun, they make a circle with rays (just like the shapes below) Λ, two Iota's:

By the verb «Λέω/leo» (I say, I tell), primarily “speaks” our Sun and then we, as small suns, emit our own light.
According to the Code, ΛΕΩ means the (Λ) solar radiation, that (Ε) is expanding, (Ω) upon the planet.

Decoding the word “Σοφία” (Sophia, Wisdom) The word ΣΟΦΙΑ/Wisdom is quite revealing. By the consonants only, we get the idea of the meaning of this word, as Σ means the inside space - internal viewing and Φ is the Light. So the basic idea is that ΣΟΦΙΑ means the Internal Light, that is also applying to the words ΣΟΦΟΣ = the wise (man) and ΣΑΦΕΣ the clear (message).

Decoding the whole word, we get this information:

Σ = inside
Ο = space
Φ = where Light
Ι = is constantly supplied
Α = by the Primary Force

One word alone, gives more information when we approach it in a philosophic “mood”... A wise man is receiving Wisdom-ΣΟΦΙΑ, so he is not only the one that once have seen the Light inside him, but he is the one that is constantly fulfilled with Light (if not constantly, then he is not wise) and this is stated by a «humble» Ιota. The theological knowledge that springs from this word is, that this Light comes from the Primary Force, as Alpha means. The Primary Force implies the Divine presence.

The presence of the Divine Force, the Spiritual Light and Mind is very often present inside the words. We would dare to say that the words, through letters, constantly praise God's Glory.

What does the word “Ψυχή” (Soul) reveal about its nature. I shall give you another word to think about, a word that, when I first heard its decoding, I was astonished by the revelation of these 4 “tiny” letters, that with the use of the Greek Alphabet Code become “knowledge o f a lifetime”. In the word ΨΥΧΗ Soul, by Ψ and Χ , we are
informed that Ψ Π Σ ) is the Internal Fire and Χ are the Earthly bodies. So, the basic idea of the word is that the substance of Soul is Fire, a Fire “captured” inside a body.

Decoding the whole word

Ψ Π Σ ) = Divine immortal internal Fire (that originates from the Father)
Υ = concentrated
Χ = in Earthly Body
Η = is revealed


Π Σ Υ Χ Η when we die, there is no revelation/life
as we loose this earthly body of ours
there isn’t any concentration/etheric body
Π Σ as there isn’t any internal space/astral body, so what is finally left, is only a
Π , the Immortal Fire/I AM (Π = Fire and Father).

The word Φίλος/friend is also interesting.
According to the Code, ΦΙΛΟΣ means

(Φ) the light that
(Ι) constantly supplies, through
(Λ) solar radiation, a
(Ο) particular area or body.

Our first Friend is the sun, but also in human relations, Friend is every person that emits his light towards us, while we ought to do the same, or else we are not friends.
So we learn from the word itself, the meaning of Friendship, that indicates the need for reciprocity, in order to keep a friendship.

See Decoding Hidden Meanings of Ancient Greek Alphabet Letters.

The Music of the Spheres - The Melody of the Soul

From Inner Nature of Music, Lecture IV

If we first focus on the mediating member of man, man's speaking, we can say that an essential part of the earth's culture and civilization lies in speaking. Through speaking, people come together here on earth; speaking is the bridge between two persons. Soul unites with soul. We feel that in speaking we have an essential aspect of life on earth; it is, after all, the earthly reflection of life in the Logos, in the Word of the universe.

It is similar in the case of language; the language we speak here on earth is adjusted in every respect to earthly conditions, for this language is an expression of our earthly thoughts. These earthly thoughts contain earthly information and knowledge, and language is adapted to them during earthly existence.

The spiritual inhalation is the inspirational wordless thinking, where the ideas comes from outside. We loosed it when incarnation on earth, but its our goal to reclaim it again on earth, by silencing the constant noise from the earthly thinking.

In pre-earthly existence, man has a language that does not actually emerge from within, that does not follow the exhalation. Instead, it follows spiritual inhalation, inspiration, something in pre-earthly existence that we can describe as corresponding to inhalation. It is a life within the Word of the universe, the universal language, from which all things are made.

As we descend to the earth, we lose this life within the universal language, and here we acquire the means that serve to express our thoughts, our earthly thoughts, and the human intellect, that is, the intellect among all human beings dwelling on earth. It is the same with the thoughts we have here as with the thinking. Thinking is adapted to earthly conditions. In pre-earthly existence we live within the weaving thoughts of the universe.

Not only what man bears within himself but everything surrounding him in outer nature is a reflection of the spiritual. When man expresses himself in speech and song, he expresses his whole organization of body, soul and spirit as a revelation to the outside as well as to himself, to the inside. Man is completely contained, as it were, in what he reveals in sound and tone.

In the course of humanity's historical evolution, speech has emerged from a primeval song element. …

Twelve Primeval Consonants and Seven Vowels

Everything brought out in speech is composed of the elements of consonants and vowels. The element of consonants is actually based on the delicate sculptural formation of our body [Körperplastik]. How we pronounce a B, a P, an L, or an M is based on something having a definite form in our body.

All consonants contained in a given language are always actually variations of twelve primeval consonants. In Finnish, for example, these twelve primeval consonants are preserved in a nearly pure state. Eleven are retained completely clearly; only the twelfth has become somewhat unclear. [Gap in transcript.]

If the quality of these twelve primeval consonants is correctly comprehended, each one can be represented by a certain form. If they are combined, they in turn represent the complete sculptural form of the human organization. Not speaking symbolically at all, one can say that the human organism is expressed sculpturally through the twelve primeval consonants.

Actually, what is this human organization? Viewed from an artistic standpoint, it is really a musical instrument.

The vowel element is the soul playing on this musical instrument. When you observe the consonant and vowel element of speech, you actually discover a self-expression of the human being in each word and tone. Through the vowels, the soul of man plays on the “consonantism” of the human bodily instrument. If we examine the speech of modern-day civilization and culture, we notice that, to a large extent, the soul makes use of the brain, the head-nerve organism, when it utters vowels. This was not the case to such an extent in earlier times of human evolution.

If we see the human organism as the harmony of the consonants, everywhere we find it in the longing for vowels and therefore the soul element.

The soul element, which expresses itself in vowels, pushes against the element of consonants. The element of consonants is shaped sculpturally according to earthly conditions.

If one ascends to the spiritual world in the way described in my book, Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and Its Attainment, one first acquires imagination, imaginative cognition. Meanwhile, one has lost the consonants, though the vowels still remain. In the imaginative world, one has left one's physical body behind along with the consonants, and one no longer has comprehension for them. …

The Melody of the Soul

In the spiritual perception that can be gained through inspiration, a new element begins to express itself, namely the spiritual counterparts of the consonants.

These spiritual counterparts of the consonants, however, do not live between the vowels but in them. In languages on earth the consonants and vowels live side by side. The consonants are lost with the ascent into the spiritual world. You live in a singing world of vowels. You yourself actually stop singing; it sings. The world itself becomes universal song.

The soul-spirited substance of this vowel element is colored by the spiritual counterparts of the consonants that dwell within the vowels. Here on earth, for example, there is an a tone and a c-sharp tone in a certain octave.

As soon as one ascends to the spiritual world, there is not just one a or one c-sharp of a certain scale; instead, there are untold numbers of them, not just of different pitch but of different inward quality. It is one thing if a being of the hierarchy of angels utters an a, another when an archangel or yet another hierarchical being says it. Outwardly it is always the same revelation, but inwardly the revelation is ensouled. We thus can say that here on earth we have our body (sketch on left, white) and a vowel tone (red) pushes against it. Beyond, in the spiritual world, we have the vowel tone (sketch on right, red), and the soul penetrates into it and lives in it so that the tone becomes the soul's body.

You are now within the universal music, the song of the universe; you are within the creative tone, the creative world. Picture the tone here on earth, even the tone that reveals itself as sound: on earth it lives in the air. …

The Music of the Universe

This soul-spiritual element of tone belongs in reality to the super-sensible world, and what lives here in the air is basically the body of tone. It is not surprising, therefore, that one rediscovers tone in the spiritual world, where it is stripped of its earthly garment, the earthly consonants. The vowel element, the spiritual content of tone as such, is taken along when one ascends into the spiritual world, but now it becomes inwardly filled with soul. Instead of being outwardly formed by the element of consonants, the tone is inwardly filled with soul.

Picture how man passes through the portal of death. Soon he leaves the consonants behind, but he experiences the vowels, especially the intonation of vowels, to a greater degree. He no longer feels that singing is produced by his larynx but that singing is all around him, and he lives in each tone.

As I have explained to you, when man has passed through the portal of death, he passes at the same time from the earthly world into the world of the stars. Though it appears that I am speaking figuratively, this description is a reality. Imagine the earth, surrounding it the planets, and beyond them the fixed stars, which are traditionally pictured, for good reason, as the Zodiac.

From earth, man views the planets and fixed stars in their reflections; we therefore say that earthly man sees them from the front. The Old Testament expresses this in a different way. When man moves away from the earth after death, he gradually begins to see the planets as well as the fixed stars from behind, as if here.

He no longer sees these points or surfaces of light that are seen from the earth; instead, he sees the corresponding spiritual beings. Everywhere he sees a world of spiritual beings. Where he looks back at Saturn, Sun, Moon, Aries, or Taurus, he sees from the other side spiritual beings. Actually, this seeing is also a hearing; and just as one can say that one sees Moon, Venus, Aries, or Taurus from the other side, from behind, so one can say that one hears the beings who have their dwelling places in these heavenly bodies resound into cosmic space.

Picture this whole structure — it sounds as if I speak figuratively, but it is not so, this is a reality; imagine yourself out there in the cosmos: the planetary world further away, the Zodiac with its twelve constellations nearer to you.

From all these heavenly bodies it sings to you in speaking, speaks in singing, and your perception is actually a hearing of this speaking-singing, singing-speaking. When you look toward the constellation of Aries you have a soul-consonant impression. Perhaps you behold Saturn behind Aries: now you hear a soul-vowel. In this soul-vowel element, which radiates from Saturn into cosmic space, there lives the soul-spiritual consonant element of Aries or Taurus.

You therefore have the planetary sphere that sings in vowels into cosmic space, and you have the fixed stars that ensoul this song of the planetary sphere with consonant elements. Vividly picture the more serene sphere of the fixed stars and behind it the wandering planets. As a wandering planet passes a constellation of fixed stars, not just one tone but a whole world of tones resounds, and another tone world sounds forth as the planet moves from Aries to Taurus. Each planet, however, causes a constellation to resound differently. You have in the fixed stars a wonderful cosmic instrument, and the players of this instrument of the Zodiac and fixed stars are the gods of the planets beyond.

Take the consonantal human organism; loosen it, as it were, from the solid imprint, which it has received from the earthly forces of gravity or the chemical forces of nutrients; loosen what permeates the human being in a consonantal way! We may indeed put it like that.

When a human lung is dissected, one finds chemical substances that may be examined chemically. That is not the lung, however. What is the lung? It is a consonant, spoken out of the cosmos, that has taken on form.

Put the human heart on a dissecting-table; it consists of cells that can be examined in relation to their chemical substances. That is not the heart, however; the heart is another consonant uttered out of the cosmos. If one pictures in essence the twelve consonants as they are spoken out of the cosmos, one has the human body.

Man, as he stands before us, on earth, is really the result of two cosmic arts. From one direction derives a cosmic art of sculpturing, from the other comes a musical and song-like cosmic art. Two types of spiritual beings fuse their activities. One brings forth and shapes the instrument, the other plays on the instrument.

On the two powers, see The Two Pillars and the Planet of Love. Orpheus is an expression of the Second Logos.

No wonder that in ancient times, when people were still aware of such things, the greatest artist was called Orpheus. He actually possessed such mastery over the soul element that not only was he able to use the already formed human body as an instrument, but with his tones he could even mold unformed matter into forms that corresponded to the tones.

You will understand that when one describes something like this one has to use words somewhat differently from what is customary in today's prosaic age; nevertheless, I did not mean all this figuratively or symbolically but in a very real sense. The matters are indeed as I described them, though the language often needs to be more flexible than it is in today's usage.

In Google books: MUSIC: Mystery, Art and the Human Being.


The colors used is the etheric colors, complementary of physical colors.

From Marta Stemberger: What Stars Dance through the Consonants in Your Name?

The eurythmy zodiac wheel begins on your right side with the red Aries, and the sounds V and W. The gestures are wave-like, arising from the primordial air and waters to create life as the Nature awakens at the Spring Equinox.

Orange Taurus with its airy rolled R enables us to expand the projects we began in Aries, so that they can fully shine in yellow Gemini and breathe with Ha and H.

The Summer Solstice welcomes Cancer, calming green, and warm F.

The sky blue of Leo invites us to relax. Its T and D caress us with yellows and reds, while still carrying some green from July, and hinting at the cooler days to come with a trace of lilac.

Virgo deepens into royal blue, creates a lilac and blue arc with P, and embraces us with a protective B.

The Autumn Equinox ushers in the indigo of Libra, which balances the wheel on the left side with the rainbow sound TS.

Then it’s time to descend into profound depths of dark purple Scorpio. Like a sorcerer, we cut through the shadows with S and Z, to emerge in gratitude on the other side.

Sagittarius awaits in the light of lavender, cleansing any left-over residues with sharp K and gentle G.

Now we are ready for the Soul to be reborn at the Winter Solstice. Bathe in spiritual life-giving waters of L and soft pink—nicknamed peach blossom—rays of Capricorn.

Refreshed, we are drawn to ponder the flow of life by the blues, greens, purples of the molding M, lit by the soft magenta of Aquarius.

The inner life grows stronger as the magenta intensifies in Pisces, and N thoughtfully pulls us out of the night colors to be ready to enter the daylight at the Spring Equinox anew.

Marta Stemberger: From What Planets Vibrate through the Vowels in Your Name?

The Sun brings us the celestial vibrations of AU (pronounced “ah-oo”) on the waves of spiritual white.

The feeling Venus inspires awe through the openness of A (pronounced “ah”) at the heart level, in the balancing hues of green.

Mercury is bright yellow, eager to connect the Heavens and the Earth with I (pronounced “ee”). The gesture reaches up and down: “As above, so below”.

The ever-changing Moon stands royal in its purple esoteric attire. Its energy ceaselessly caresses the world with AI (pronounced “ah-ee”), causing the waters to swell and ebb.

Mars is asserting himself with the red will to action, setting firm boundaries with E (pronounced “eh”).

Benevolent Jupiter shines in welcoming orange, embraces all with O (pronounced “oh”), and encourages doing in the world.

The thinking energy of Saturn slows the wheel down, and invites us to ponder the indigo blue mysteries of unity in U (pronounced “oo”).

The Zodiac and the Consonants.


Laute (German)

From Lexicon der Anthroposophie. See Eurythmie als sichtbare Sprache (Laut-Eurythmie-Kurs), GA 279c. Fünfzehn Vorträge Dornach, 24. Juni bis 12. Juli 1924.

Laut A. Überall da, wo in der Sprache das A auftritt, liegt irgendwie eine Verwunderung zugrunde. Das wußte man selbst noch bei denjenigen, welche die hebräische Sprache handhabten; denn was war in der hebräischen Sprache das a, das Aleph? Es war der sich verwundernde Mensch. Philosophie beginnt mit dem A (mit dem Erstaunen, wie die Griechen sagten). Wenn man Philosophie treibt erforscht man letzten Endes doch eben den Menschen. Deshalb ist der sich verwundernde Mensch, der über sich selbst, über sein wahres Wesen sich verwundernde, vor sich erstaunende Mensch, also eigentlich der Mensch in seiner höchsten, idealsten Entfaltung: A. GA 279.52 Dem Vollen gegenüber, dem Weißen, Hellen und alledem gegenüber, das mit dem Hellen oder Weißen verwandt ist, auch dem Klange gegenüber, der mit dem Hellen verwandt ist, haben wir die Gefühlsnuance der Bewunderung, der Verehrung: das A. GA 294.26

Laut AOU – OM der Orientalten. Wenn Sie den Versuch machen, einen Selbstlaut dadurch herauszubekommen, daß Sie einen Laut haben, in welchem eigentlich A, O und U anklingen, dann bedeutet das ein zwar zuerst Furchthaben, aber in das zuerst Gefürchtete sich trotzdem Hineinversetzen. Es ist die höchste Ehrfurcht, die durch diesen Laut zum Ausdruck kommen würde. Der Laut ist ja besonders in den orientalischen Sprachen ein sehr gebräuchlicher, aber er beweist auch, daß die Orientalen Menschen sind, die viel Ehrfurcht entwickeln können, währerd er (als Sprachlaut) in den abendländischen Sprachen weggeblieben ist, weil dort Menschen sind, denen die Ehrfurcht überhaupt nicht zur Seele steht. GA 294.26f

Laut B. Wenn wir das B formen, so ist es immer die Nachahmung von etwas. Würde man nun festhalten können in der Luftgestaltung dasjenige, was da in dem B sich bildet – es liegt darinnen, daß wir das B aussprechen –, so ist es immer etwas Umhüllendes. Es kommt eine umhüllende Form heraus. Es kommt dasjenige heraus, was man eine Hütte, ein Haus nennen kann. Das B bildet immer eine Hütte, ein Haus nach. Wenn wir also anfangen A–B, dann haben wir «den Menschen in seiner Vollendung» und «der Mensch in seinem Haus». Und so würden wir das ganze Alphabet durchgehen können und wir würden in den aufeinanderfolgenden Lauten das Geheimnis des Menschen ausgesprochen haben, was der Mensch im Weltenall ist. GA 279.54f

Laut C. Die Eigenschaft des Leichtseins wird nachgeahmt in dem C Laute. Die Natur macht es auch, denn das Niesen ist fast dem C ähnlich. Das Niesen ist eine Erleichterung. Und die alten Okkultisten haben gesagt: Das C ist in dem Urworte der Regent für die Gesundheit. GA 279.64f

Laut D. Das D ist Hindeuten, Hinstrahlen, das Aufmerksammachen, daß etwas da ist, das liegt in dem D. GA 279.65

Laut E. Überall wo ein E steht und der Mensch hält bei dem E, bedeutet das eigentlich: Das hat mir etwas getan, das ich spüre. GA 279.53 E: Man läßt sich nicht anfechten durch etwas, was einem geschieht. GA 279.65 Haben wir das Gefühl, daß wir einen äußeren Eindruck abzuwehren haben, gewissermaßen uns wegwenden müssen von ihm, um uns selbst zu schützen, haben wir also das Gefühl des Widerstandleistens, dann drückt sich das aus in dem E. GA 294.26

Laut E-I. EI der Doppelvokal, bedeutet so etwas wie ein liebevolles Anschmiegen. In der Behandlung des Kindes gebraucht man diesen Laut ei-ei: liebevolles Anschmiegen. GA 279.69

Laut F. Das Erleben der Isis im ausgehauchten Atmungsvorgange ist im F. So daß eigentlich F nicht ganz genau, aber annähernd gefühlt werden kann als: Ich weiß. – Aber es ist mehr drinnen als das: Ich weiß. – «Ich weiß» ist noch ärmlich, wenn man das F empfindet. Es wurde daher am frühesten verloren die F-Empfindung. Es läßt sich eigentlich fühlen als: Wisse du – der andere, zu dem man spricht; F sage ich zu ihm, um ihn aufmerksam zu machen, daß ich ihn belehren kann –, wisse, daß ich weiß. Ich werde es daher durchaus als natürlich empfinden, wenn jemand, der einem belehren will, auf ihn losgeht und in irgendeiner Form F haucht. GA 279.68

Laut H. Dieses H, der einfache Hauchlaut, kann empfunden werden und wurde auch von den primitiven Menschen empfunden als die Nachahmung, die Gestaltung in der Luft, also die nachahmende Gestaltung in der Luft des Heranwehenden. GA 279.60

Laut I. Fühlen wir es dem I an, was es ist, dieses Neugieriggewesensein und dann Daraufgekommensein. GA 279.53 I stellt immer eine sich verteidigende Selbstbehauptung dar. GA 279.68 Haben wir das Gefühl des Hinweisens, des Näherns, des Einswerdens, dann drückt sich das aus im dem I. GA 294.26

Laut L. Ein merkwürdiger Laut ist das L. Denken Sie nur einmal, was Sie da alles tun, wenn Sie ein L lauten lassen. Denken Sie an Ihre Zunge, wenn Sie ein L lauten lassen. Sie gebrauchen Ihre Zunge in einer sehr kunstvollen Weise, wenn Sie ein L lauten lassen: LL-L. Sie fühlen das Schöpferische, das Formende, in dem Sie ein L lauten lassen. In den alten Mysterien hat man gesagt: Das L ist das in allen Dingen und Wesen Schöpferische, Gestaltende, die die Materie überwindende Formkraft. GA 279.68f

Laut M. Jener Laut schließt in so großartiger Weise das heilige Wort Indiens: «AUM»; M ist dasjenige, was alles versteht, was so hinübergeht im Atem, daß es sich allem anschmiegt und alles versteht. Das M ist also das Ausdrücken dessen: Es steht im Einklange, es stimmt. Es schmiegt sich an, es stimmt, wie das M am Ende des Wortes Leim. GA 279.72

Laut N. Aber es gibt ein anderes Verstehen, ein Verstehen, das ein abweisendes Verstehen ist, ein Verstehen, wobei man sich leise ironisch gleich verhält, wobei man auffaßt das andere, aber zugleich bemerklich macht: Was ist denn das alles! Das ist ja selbstverständlich. GA 279.88f

Laut O. Der Laut O ist im Grunde genommen nichts anderes als das Wirken des Atmens in uns, so daß dieses Atmen ergriffen wird im Inneren vom Staunen, vom Erstaunen. GA 294.25 Das A ist reine Verwunderung, reines Erstaunen. Das O ist ein verständnisvolles Sich-Stellen gegen dasjenige, was schon auch zunächst Erstaunen hervorruft. So daß das O im wesentlichen gebärdenhaft wird, wenn nicht nur der Mensch sich empfindet, sondern von sich ausgehend ein anderes Ding empfindet, oder ein anderes Wesen empfindet, das er umfassen will. GA 279.81

Laut R. Das R ist das Wälzende, Drehende; alles das, was irgendwie den Eindruck macht, daß es RRRt. GA 279.61

Laut S. In dem S Laut liegt ein Beruhigen des Bewegten, wobei man sicher ist, daß durch das angewendete Mittel die Beruhigung eintritt. GA 279.75

Laut SCH. Das SCH ist das Wegblasende, was vorüberbläst. GA 279.60

Laut T. Sie wissen vielleicht, daß man dem Tao*, T, eine tiefe Ehrfurcht entgegenbringt, wenn man versteht, was darinnen lebt. Dieses Tao, T, ist eigentlich das, unter dem man sich vozustellen hat, daß es darstellt das Gewichtige, sogar das Schöpferische, dasjenige, was auch deutend strahlt, aber im besonderen vom Himmel auf die Erde strahlt. Sagen wir also, dieses T: Bedeutsam von oben nach unten strahlen. GA 279.65

Laut U. Eine andere Nuance den Dingen gegenüber ist diejenige Gefühlsnuance, die wir dem Leeren oder auch dem Schwarzen, das ja mit dem Leeren verwandt ist, die Furcht- oder Angstnuance. Sie drückt sich aus durch das U. GA 294.26 Das U kann empfunden werden als dasjenige, was seelisch-innerlich erkältet, versteift, erstarrt. GA 279.60

Laut Z. Das Z kann empfunden werden als dasjenige, was heiter stimmt dadurch, daß es nicht schwer, sondern leicht genommen werden kann; aber absichtlich eigentlich heiter stimmen will. Das kann natürlich auch ein lebloses Ding sein. GA 279.76

From Riikka Ojanperä.

Pisces-Virgo Powers Pointing Toward the Future

From The Wrong and Right Use of Esoteric Knowledge, lecture 3

".....In the future there will be a great battle. Human science will stretch out to the cosmic, but will try to get there by different paths. [And we are part in the fight!]

It will be the task of good, healing science to find certain cosmic forces which can reach the earth through the co-operation of two cosmic streams, those of Pisces and Virgo.

The great secret to be discovered will be how the influence which works from the direction of Pisces as a power of the sun unites itself with the influence working from the direction of Virgo. It will make for good when it is learnt how the morning and evening forces from the two sides of the cosmos can be brought into the service of humanity. (See diagram.)

Gemini - Materialism and the Powers of Ahriman

These forces, however, will be left aside by those who try to achieve their whole purpose through the polaric duality of positive and negative forces. The forces which enable the spiritual to stream down to earth with the aid of positive and negative magnetism come from Gemini; they are the midday forces.

In ancient times it was known that cosmic influences were involved in this, and to-day even exoteric scientists are aware that in some or other way positive and negative magnetism lie behind Gemini in the Zodiac.

The aim will be to paralyse all that could be gained through a revelation of the true duality in the cosmos — to paralyse it in a materialistic, egotistic way by means of the forces which stream in particularly from Gemini and can be placed entirely at the service of the human “Double.”

Sagittarius - Animalism and the Powers of Lucifer

Other brotherhoods, concerned above all to divert attention from the Mystery of Golgotha, will try to make use of the duality in human nature — the duality which in our epoch embraces man as a unity, but includes within him his lower animal nature.

A human being is really a centaur in a certain sense: his humanity rests on his lower animal nature in its astral form. This working together of the duality in man gives rise to a duality of forces.

This duality of forces will be utilised particularly by certain egotistic brotherhoods, chiefly from the side of India and the East, in order to mislead eastern Europe, whose task it is to prepare for the sixth post-Atlantean epoch. And this will be done with the aid of the forces which work in from Sagittarius.

Choosing the Right Path

Whether to conquer the cosmic for mankind in a wrong, twofold way, or rightly in a one-fold way — that is the question facing mankind.

From this will come a true renewal of astrology, which in its old form is atavistic and cannot survive.

The Wise Beings of the Cosmos will enter into the Struggle

The wise Beings of the cosmos will enter into the struggle; one side will use the morning and evening processes in the way I have indicated; the West will prefer the midday processes, shutting out the morning and evening ones; and the East will prefer the midnight ones.

Men will no longer manufacture substances on the basis merely of chemical attraction and repulsion; they will know that different substances arise according to whether they are made with morning and evening processes, or with midday and midnight ones.

It will be known that such substances act in a quite different way on the triad, God, virtue and immortality — gold, health and prolongation of life.

When the powers of Virgo and Pisces cooperate nothing wrongful will be created.

When the forces of Pisces and Virgo act in co-operation, nothing wrongful can be brought into being. Men will achieve something through which the mechanism of life will be detached, in a certain sense, from man himself, but will not give any one group power and rulership over another.

The cosmic forces drawn from this direction will create remarkable machines, but only those that will relieve man of work, because they will carry a certain power of intelligence within themselves.

Temptations from Manmade Machine-animals

And a Spiritual Science which itself reaches out towards the cosmic will have to see to it that all the great temptations which come from these machine-animals, created by man himself, are not allowed to exercise any harmful influence upon him...."

How to use the Etheric forces in practical life (Virgo-Pisces Axis)

Now I will turn again to the fact that in this fifth post-Atlantean epoch humanity will have to find ways of dealing with great life-problems which in a certain sense were veiled by the wisdom of the past. I have already called your attention to them.

One of these great problems will be concerned with finding out how to place the spiritual etheric forces at the service of practical life.

I have told you that in this epoch we have to solve the problem of how the radiations from human states of mind are carried over into machines; of how human beings are to be brought into relation with an environment which must become increasingly mechanised.

The Materialistic way - Gemini-Sagittarius axis

A week ago I pointed out how superficially this mechanisation is treated in a certain part of the world. I gave you the example of how an American way of thinking tries to extend the realm of the machine over human life itself. …

The Danger is to become mechanized through parts

Where this kind of thing goes on, the wish to yoke up human strength with the strength of machines is always involved. It would be quite mistaken merely to oppose these things. They are not going to fade away; they are on the march.

We should act out of the Virgo-Pisces axis - Out of the Consciousness Soul

The only question is whether in the course of world-history they are going to be brought on to the scene

♍-♓ by men who are unselfishly aware of the great aims of earth-evolution and wish to shape these developments for the healing of mankind, [Virgo-Pisces]

♐, ♊ or by groups of men who want to use them for their own or the group's selfish ends. [Gemini, Sagittarius]

That is the issue. The point is not what is going to happen, for it certainly will happen, but how it happens — how these things are handled. The welding together of human beings with machines will be a great and important problem for the rest of the earth-evolution. [Do we connect to the machines through etheric energy or do we connect to the machines through the electromagnetic forces?]

We should control the machines through etheric powers

I have often pointed out, even in public lectures, that human consciousness depends on destructive forces. During public lectures in Basle I twice said that in our nerve-system we are always in process of dying. These forces of death will become stronger and stronger, and we shall find that they are related to the forces of electricity and magnetism, and to those at work in machines.

A man will be able in a certain sense to guide his intentions and his thoughts into the forces of the machines.

Forces in human nature that are still unknown will be discovered — forces which will act upon external electricity and magnetism. [The initiates of the future can channel etheric energy to power the machines.]

That is one problem: the bringing together of human beings with machines, and this is something which will exert ever-increasing influence on the future.

With the Consciousness Soul to a Healthy Future

From GA 152

“Why do we not recognize that we live in the age of the consciousness soul? On the one hand, we are weighted down by an inner paralysis and a preference for the explanations and ideas generated by the past; and on the other hand, we are unwilling to work with new ideas and to immerse ourselves in understandings that open the way to a healthy future.”

The sub-physical powers

From The Etherization of the Blood (GA 130), lecture IX

We have the physical world, the astral world, the lower devachan and the higher devachan. If the body is thrust down lower even than the physical world, one comes into the subphysical world, the lower astral world, the lower or evil lower devachan and the lower or evil higher devachan.

The evil astral world is the province of Lucifer, the evil lower devachan the province of Ahriman, and the evil higher devachan the province of the Asuras.

When chemical action is driven down beneath the physical plane – into the evil devachanic world – magnetism arises. When light is thrust down into the submaterial – that is to say a stage lower than the material world – electricity arises. If what lives in the harmony of the spheres is thrust down farther still, into the province of the Asuras, an even more terrible force – which it will not be possible to keep hidden very much longer – is generated.

Asuras - Ahriman - Lucifer

If we don't Direct Technology through Love, it Will become Demonic

From The Karma of Vocation, lecture IX

“Of course, no one should suppose that what I have just said indicates that steam engines should be done away with. In that case one would have also go do away with a good deal more because they are by no means the most demoniacal.

Whenever electricity is used – and much else besides – there is far more of demon magic because this operates with entirely different forces having an entirely different significance for the cosmos. … demon magic signifies progress, and the earth will continue to make more and more progress.

Developments in the world soon will make it possible to produce immense effects ranging outward into the universe. Doing away with these things or condemning them is not what we are after because they are obviously justified.

But what must be borne in mind is that since they must appear on the one side in the course of human progress, counter forces must be created on the other to re-establish a balance.

Counter forces must be created. They must bring about a balance that can be created only if humanity again comes to understand the Christ principle, if humanity finds the way to Christ. …

Just as we work all the way to the physical stars and into the cosmos by means of the demons of the machines, so must we find the way spiritually into the worlds in which human beings live between death and a new birth where the beings of the higher hierarchies are to be found. …

Well, it is entirely superfluous to argue over whether or not Christ drove out demons. It is more important that we learn to reproduce His miracles and thereby cast the demons out now where we can.

We still have little power to cast out demons in the higher sense as antiquity knew how to do through its atavism. That is the destiny, the karma, of our epoch. But we can begin to drive out these demons of whom I spoke yesterday; they are there and it is negative superstition to suppose that they are not.

How do we drive them out? Humanity will be convinced that they are being driven out when what is unholy service today becomes holy; that is, permeated with the Christ consciousness.

In other words, this means that we must change to a sacramentalism in which man’s deeds are imbued by the consciousness that the Christ stands behind him everywhere. Thus, he ought to do nothing in the world except that in which the Christ can help him. If he does something else, the Christ must also help him but He is thus crucified again and again in human deeds.

The crucifixion is not merely a single deed; it is a continuing deed. So long as we do not drive out the demons through what lives in our souls by changing external mechanical actions into holy actions, we will continue to crucify Christ. …

What was symbolically practiced in the ancient cults of Christianity and was once performed only on the altar but take hold of the entire world.

Humanity … should learn not to construct machines in an indifferent way but to fulfill a divine service and bring sacramentalism into everything that is produced. …

Most of all, human beings can begin to develop sacramentalism in two areas. The first is that of educating and teaching children. We will begin to spiritualize what the religions call ‘baptism’ when we look upon every human being who enters the world through birth as bringing his/her Christ forces with him/herself. Thus we will have the right reverence before the growing human being and can then direct the entire education and especially the teaching of the child in this spirit so that we bring in this teaching a sacramentalism to fruition. …

Finally, when we endeavor to bring what we call our knowledge into our consciousness in such a way that, as our souls are filled with ideas of the spiritual world, we are aware that the spiritual world is entering into us and that we are being united with the spiritual; when we look upon that as a ‘communion’; when we can realize true knowledge in a sentence you find expressed before 1887: ‘Thinking is the true communion of humanity,’ when the symbolic sacrament of the altar will become the universal sacramental experience of knowledge. It is in this direction that the Christianizing of man must move forward.”

The Materialistic World-Conception is a Conspiracy against the Spirit

From: Rudolf Steiner, Anthroposophic News Sheet Jan 22nd, 1940 No. 3-4.

The materialistic world-conception does not need to be true, nevertheless it has an inner truth. Of this inner truth we may say: What the materialistic world-conception describes in connection with man, would become true if the materialistic world-conception were allowed to triumph.

It is incumbent upon us to prevent the triumph of materialism, through another world-conception. Matters are not so easy that we can simply say: The materialistic world-conception is wrong — but it lies in our own power to overcome it with deeds, not with lame objections.

The greater the number of those who open their eyes to the spiritual, the greater will be the number of those who see that the realisation of materialism can be checked, and the greater will be the possibility of keeping materialism in check.

Another attitude will arise, which will induce people to say: “An etheric Being has appeared to me at a certain moment and it has told me this or that. I am the instrument through which that spiritual Being can exercise an influence at the present time!” The spiritual world must more and more become a reality.

"Undoubtedly the spiritual world exists, but in spite of this, we may turn away from it. The materialistic world-conception may be designated as the great conspiracy against the spirit.

The materialistic world-conception is not only an error, but it is a conspiracy, the conspiracy against the spirit.

The Grail Temple

This symbol is the same as the sun sign and the symbol of Atlantis, its city with the four streams. It also connects to the Zodiac, in the start there was only four star signs, Man, Ox, Lion and Eagle, what is also symbolized with the wheel.

From The Mysteries of Light, of Space, and of the Earth

This is the way the man of the Middle Ages conceived his ideal cathedral. If east is here and west here (see drawing), then we should have north and south here. And then in the north, south, and west there would be three doors, and here in the east would be a sort of lateral high altar, and a kind of altar at each pillar; but-here, where the beams of the cross intersect, would have to stand the temple of the temple, the cathedral of the cathedral — a sort of epitome of the whole, a representation in miniature of the whole. We should say in modern speech, which has become abstract: here would stand a little tabernacle, but in the form of the whole.


What I have drawn for you here you should imagine in a style of architecture which only approximates the real Gothic, which still includes all sorts of Romanesque forms, but which has throughout the orientation I have indicated. In this I have drawn for you at the same time the sketch of the Grail-temple, as conceived by the man of the Middle Ages, that Grail-temple which was, so to speak, the ideal of construction toward the end of the fourth post-Atlantean epoch, — a cathedral in which the longings of all humanity orientated to Christ flowed together — just as in the single cathedral the longings of the members of the congregation flowed together; and just as in the Greek temple the people felt them-selves united even when they were not in it — for the Greek temple demands only that the god or goddess be in it, not the people — in other words, as the Greek people of a certain territory felt that they were united through their temple with their god or goddess. If we wish to speak in accordance with the facts, we can say: When the Greek de-scribed his relation to the temple, he did it in somewhat the following way: When he said in speaking of any person — say Pericles — “Pericles dwells in this house,” this was not intended to mean that the man him-self who uttered it had a relation of ownership or any other relation to the house; but he simply realized the fact of his union with Pericles when he said: “Pericles dwells in this house.” With exactly the same shade of feeling the Greek would also have expressed his relation to what was to be deciphered in the style of architecture, thus: “Athene dwells in this house,” — it is the abode of the goddess — or, “Apollo dwells in this house!”

The congregation of the Middle Ages could not say that with regard to their cathedral, because it was not the house in which the divine-spiritual being dwelt; it was the house which expressed in every single form the gathering-place where the people attuned their souls to the mysteriously divine. Therefore, in what I might call the prototype-temple, at the end of the fourth post-Atlantean period, there stood in the center the temple of the temple, the cathedral of the cathedral; and of the whole one might say: “If anyone enters here, he will be able herein to lift himself to the mysteries of the universe.” It was necessary to enter the cathedral. Of the Greek temple it was only necessary to say: “That is the house of Apollo; that is the house of Pallas.” And at the central point in that prototype-temple, where the beams of the cross intersect — at the central point the Holy Grail was enshrined, there it was preserved.

See also The Holy Grail.