By Kim Graae Munch.

The Horoscope for Earth 2020

Dissolving Opposites

The materialistic society will die of itself when there is no life energy left, and this is Now.

  Our materialistic civilization, Rudolf Steiner said, stands under the sign of Judas. Just as Judas went and hanged himself, so will our civilization destroy itself.
     From Reminiscences of Rudolf Steiner


This is as project under development, where more and more details are added when recognized.

Fear or Fearlessness?

I think the primary problem is fear. We become sick through fear, and we will hide from life because of fear. We let society dissolve through fear, and we have been fearful for centuries, especially since we became hired slaves, where we depend on organizations to survive. To solve the fear we can use the time to contemplate, it's the first time in history humankind have contemplated together all around the earth.

Humanity has a tendency to look at what happens in the world as evil powers trying to get them, or simply random accidents, they don't try to see if there is some plan behind what happens, even many spiritual or esoteric inclined are panicking and full of fear for dark forces out to get humankind. I think this piece by Rudolf Steiner gives a better view:

We must eradicate from the soul All fear and terror of what comes toward us out of the future. We must acquire serenity In all feelings and sensations about the future. We must look forward with absolute equanimity To everything that may come.
And we must think only that whatever comes Is given to us by a world-directive full of wisdom. It is part of what we must learn in this age, Namely, to live out of pure trust, Without any security in existence.
Trust in the ever-present help of the spiritual world. Truly, nothing else will do If our courage is not to fail us. And let us seek the awakening from within our selves, Every morning and every evening." Rudolf Steiner

"To him who is bound to the sense world, the Chaos appears waste and void. But he who penetrates it in a spiritual sense can hear the harmonies of the spheres resounding through it." Rudolf Steiner

We shall find love in ourselves and meet the world in friendship and not let us be manipulated into extreme positions, only by connecting with all citizens will we be strong enough to change the system.

The Coronavirus is not more deadly than a normal flu, in Sweden in 1993 died more in April by an influenza than by covid19 in April this year, so there is no need to be more afraid of this virus than for an influenza, although the sickness can be aggressive for a little group of people with intense lifestyle sicknesses. This fierceness can loosen the physical body from the etheric body as Steiner have described for Goethe, making us less bound by materialism and for some giving or increasing clairvoyant faculties.

The old souls of humanity are incarnated all over the world today, and many are going through the initiation or enlightening now, and this lockdown gives them the necessary peace for contemplation. This separation of the etheric and physical body will give more the possibility to act out of the spiritual. Most old souls I have talked with have experienced this separation of the etheric and physical body. One day before my 18 years birthday I had a traffic accident where I was unconscious for three days where they didn't know what way it would go. More on old souls here Old Souls through History.

Astrology shows the powers that work into our world, the outer expression of the clockwork behind the reality, but the astrologers often have a mechanistic view on the universe, they kind of see raw nature powers and not sentient ideas behind what happens, so they have difficulties finding the patterns below the reality, the idea behind the great play.

The Dancing Planets of Capricorn

There are three main planets that define the living cycle of the year, the curriculum we go through, and that is Saturn, Jupiter and Mars. The scenes are the signs that give the background for the movements of the planets, and here is Capricorn the main scene, where one of the major players is at home, Saturn, the Father and Jupiter, the Son makes their magic. Pluto works in the primary scene Capricorn, Uranus is in its home, the secondary scene of Taurus and Neptune is in its home in Pisces but all three scenes have heavy historical significance. Following Willy Sucher the winners of the "War in Heaven" set their footprint in Capricorn.

This painting by Hilma af Klint, Altarpiece no. 1, shows how the cosmic powers create our reality. Our planets is a physical manifestation of these powers, but they are more like a boat swimming on the surface of a sphere around the Sun, where the sphere is the real planet, containing the spiritual powers or hierarchy.

Hilma af Klint: Altarspiece No 1.

Astrology don't look for the spiritual powers of the planets, it's a psychological discipline where they have given the planets and signs a number of characteristics. Some astrologers have connected the astrological terms with archetypal descriptions, often with Greek or Roman mythology, like Saturn is the father. The esoteric traditions connects the planets with hierarchies and elemental beings, but they seldom connect it to astrology. So the interesting question is what the planets stand for, esoterically, what is the powers behind them?

The Trinity, the Three Logoi, their sizes expressing their respective powers.

The trinity is defined by

  1. Saturn is connected to the mineral, to the old Saturn development and to the Father. So Saturn is the Father's hand into the physical world.
  2. Jupiter is the benevolent god, connected to the etheric, to the old Sun and to the Son, the Logos, and is the greatest power in our solar system.
  3. Mars is the young and very speedy god Hermes or the Holy Spirit acting into the astral world, and connected to the old Moon development.

Saturn is also known as Brahma, Jupiter as Vishnu and Mars as Shiva. Incarnations of Earth.

The Father, Saturn, moves first, prepares the path for the Son, Jupiter, and the Son creates the Path, followed by the Holy Spirit, Mars, that leads people onto the path through Inspiration and through Fate.

This diagram shows the Trinity in three octaves, the inner planets, Moon, Venus and Mercury working within in the daily cycle, the outer planets Saturn, Jupiter and Mars working on humanity from outside in the yearly cycle, and the outer planets Neptune, Pluto and Uranus orchestrating the century cycle:

See more on the Cosmic Christ here: The Cosmic Christ and the Zodiac

The stars are rather remarkable this year, it's all under the supervision of Pluto, the big reformer. Pluto is the inaugurator in the sign of Capricorn, giving purpose to the Trinity of Saturn, Jupiter and Mars and Saturn/Father and Jupiter/Son is circling within orb around Pluto a large part of 2020. At the first conjunction between Pluto and Jupiter the trinity Saturn, Jupiter and Mars is standing together preparing the work.

Retrograde Planets - Below the Surface

Most planets goes retrograde within the same time period this year and it means inner development, that things go slowly, much happen below the surface. Retrograde means that the planet seems to move backwards, they stay longer in the same area of the zodiac. So the themes this year are prolonged, the time used to handle the problems in depth are at hand.

Retrograde Movement
Retrograde Movement as seen from Earth. 

Kala Sarpa Dosha - Within the Serpent


When all the planets are within the Serpents body, where the North node is the head of the serpent and the South node is the tail, with the Moon moving in and out every month, the world is locked into bonds. This is indicating the Lockdown, where we have lost the control with our own circumstances. See Amma’s Message about Covid-19 Pandemic.

Kala Sarpa Dosha

The Plan over Planetary aspects and Movements for 2020

The year is a combination of the American revolution, the end of the great depression and when the slavery was about to end.

There are especially three planets which have a profound influence on the long term development, Pluto, Neptune and Uranus. Pluto goes retrograde in Capricorn and the last time Pluto was in Capricorn was at the American revolution. The States are born with Pluto in 27° Capricorn, and in two years this cycle is at its end, the old is dissolving and something new is about to start. Neptune goes retrograde in Pisces, and the last time Neptune was in Pisces was the time when the movement to end slavery took speed. Uranus goes retrograde in Taurus and the last time Uranus was in Taurus was at the end of the great depression.


Today everybody is a slave of the thoughts their culture has introduced them too, a materialism we think is inevitable, that the world has to look as it does. To get out of it we need to go through a depression-like condition before we wake from our conditioned life. To this purpose we have attracted to plagues, the Coronavirus and the Locust swarms.

They were put in motion by Saturn (Father) meeting the inaugurator Pluto, causing the Coronavirus and the worldwide Locust swarms. The conjunction started in December and was at it's strongest Jan 12 and its powers will continue for years. Saturn goes into the free airy Aquarius Mar 21 to go retrograde May 11 in Aquarius. In Aquarius, there is a wish for freedom, and everything isn't as heavy, but Saturn returns to the heavy Capricorn again July 1, and now things become serious.

The Jupiter (Son) is controlling our inner experience helped by Mars. Jupiter has a rendezvous with Pluto that is strongest Apr 12, but we have been under increasing influence before that, but here it becomes serious. They meet again Jun 30, and until then we are acclimatizing ourselves to the new state. At that time Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are all retrograde, meaning that we are kind of introvert. This is exceptional that the major planets are retrograde at the same time. It also increases the length these planets stay in the same signs, increasing the influence of the sign. Hereafter we begin thinking about our visions, our goals. On Nov 12 Jupiter meets Pluto the last time, here we have a kind of conclusion.

Saturn goes into Aquarius again Dec 17 and optimism blooms in the freedom-loving Aquarius, shortly followed by a conjunction with Jupiter Dec 21, starting a new cycle with Jupiter.

Parallel with this, Jupiter has a series of rendezvous' with Neptune, starting Feb 20 in Pisces. This is about visions and maybe dissolving our beliefs to open up for something new. The next meeting between Jupiter and Neptune is Jul 27, now we begin working with new ideas, and on Oct 12 we may reach a kind of conclusion, know what we ant to put into reality.

Mars is pushing us under the process from various star signs, ending in Aries where it stay for a longer period as the result of a retrograde. Aries means action, passionately starting something new.

Jupiter is the director of the play, its retrograde is essential for what we are going to experience. Jupiter is conjunct Mars March 20 in Capricorn, and conjunct Pluto April 4 in Capricorn before Jupiter goes retrograde May 14. Retrograde Jupiter and retrograde Pluto are conjunct June 30. Sep 12 goes Jupiter direct again, and Jupiter enter Aquarius Dec 19 followed by a conjunction with Saturn Dec 21.

Jupiter Retrograde 2020

Saturn was conjunct Pluto in Cancer in 1914 – 15 at the beginning of the First World War. Here we first met AIDS. Saturn was conjunct Pluto in Leo in 1948-49 when Mao Zedong’s communist party defeated the Chinese Nationalists and took control of China.

Saturn and Pluto last aligned in 1982 in the sign of Libra. Here AIDS became known and we had the depression with the US Savings and Loan Crisis. Falklands Island War and the Lebanon War. A book by Dean Kontz from 81 where he kind of predicted a virus from Wuhan, shows what energies that are connected with Saturn and Pluto relation.

World Wide Locust Plague

This may be much worse than the virus, but has not caught the same attention as it is limited to a large belt around equator in contrast to the coronavirus that threatens politicians and journalists everywhere. The following map should have included America and continued to China, there is nothing little over this plague.

Locost Swarms all over the world

There may be 150 million locusts per square kilometer, and cover 20% of earth area and impact 10% of humanity.

The End of Kali Yuga, the Return of Christ and the Discovery of Pluto

There was a previous incident with these three planets, Saturn in opposition to Jupiter and Pluto, in 1930/31. This was the time of the discovery of Pluto, bringing it into our consciousness for the first time. This was at the end of Kali Yuga and the return of Christ, where the Christ powers slowly began to permeate the earth, to take power when the new yuga starts, now. Pluto can be seen as the great inaugurator. The constellation was active at the time of the great recession and the rise of Nazism, a typical result of the opposition. Steiner on the Reappearance of Christ and the following page.

Pluto as a higher octave of the Father was in opposition to Saturn, the lover octave of the Father, conjunct the lower octave of the Son, Jupiter. The Father principle had to give over to the Son principle, but it was a hard birth into the physical world, it was resisting the Son, and Nazism, Communism and WWII was the expression of this resistance, the brotherhood of darkness fought the Christ principle.

At the beginning of the Thousand Years Kingdom

This text fits the current situation nicely, the return of Christ and the entry to the Thousand Years Kingdom, and connects to the text of Steiner in the start:

Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for him; do not fret when men succeed in their ways, when they carry out their wicked schemes.
Refrain from anger and turn from wrath; do not fret – it leads only to evil. For evil men will be cut off, but those who hope in the LORD will inherit the land.
A little while, and the wicked will be no more; though you look for them, they will not be found.
But the meek will inherit the land and enjoy great peace.” Psalm 37:7-11

In the end of old Rome the top of society was decadent in a degrees we have difficult to understand, and in the end they didn't even hide it from the population. Murder, torture, and abuse of every kind took place. The Roman folk-soul incarnated again in France under Napoleon, and again in Germany under Hitler, and from there to USA together with the warier people of Japan. Wherever the Roman folk-soul vent it was with the Eagle as totem, as also USA have. Today the Romans from the time of decadence is sitting on the economic and partly the political powers of USA. It can be seen through the absolutely merciless economics that is turned against the citizens, but also their love of weapons, and the decadence of their medias and entertainment industries, and the many examples of abuse between the rich and within the entertainment industry.

The old souls by Peter Deunov - the Enemies of Darkness

There are hints about the New Humanity in the New Testament and specially in Revelation. The Evangelist John, two thousand years ago, saw the woman pregnant with this great idea, the New Humanity, and fixed the number of the chosen ones, the bearers of this idea at 144 000 persons. If you add these numbers 1+4+4 = 9, the number 9 signifies an evolution of men who have all the positive, noble qualities.

Some would say that these 144 000 persons are in heaven. No, they are now here, on earth; they are incarnated among the intelligent people. Some of them are writers; others, poets or men of science; and all of them push humanity forward on the path toward the new idea, toward the Divine.

These are the enemies of darkness, of the fetters that enchain humanity. And the world-wide unrest, this great change that is coming, is due to them. They will turn this world upside down. History of the Old Souls (kgm, Steiner.)

Bernard Lievegoed on the End of Materialism

I have here an interesting text by Bernard Lievegoed where he describes when and how he believes the end of materialism, what he designates with Ahriman, will come. I believe it will start in 2020, and that all old souls will awake to the occasion and know what to do when when materialism breaks down. The Coronavirus has forced people into a worldwide contemplation and it will draw people out of their materialistic slumber. As the focus point of materialism is USA the Manu is incarnated there or in Canada.

"My personal expectation is that Manu will not be born in a European country but somewhere else in the world. Why in Europe? Because most anthroposophist's live there? In a short time, I imagine, he will assemble many people around himself who are deeply uneasy about the predominant materialistic culture in the world. He will collaborate with a smaller group of people who stand in the 'Erkenntnis' stream in order to help the people of the world to recognize the intentions of Ahriman. it will not be possible without the insights of spiritual science.

He will send many groups of people into the world to wake up from their Ahrimanic slumber. We are already seeing the beginnings of it: a deep uneasiness of large numbers of people who have nothing at all to do with Anthroposophy and have the feeling that the present culture appeals only to their head forces. I have heard young people say we have become dictating machines, our brains have been turned into computer memories and we can only reproduce what we have been told . . .

But don't people also have hearts? And feelings? We send our young people through a desert. Ahriman's trick is to start as early as possible with the development of the intellect, preferably already before the fourth year. This causes two things: the inner destruction of a tremendous number of people, and the growth of a large measure of anxiety and uneasiness.

One day this unease will break through the barrier of the intellect and with great violence seek a way out. At that moment there will have to be groups of people who can take all these lost souls under their wing, who can keep them out of the clutches of Lucifer. Yes, this is how it will happen: once the oppressive bonds of Ahriman are broken people will want to throw themselves into Lucifer's warm arms.

In the anthroposophical movement we will have to learn to work together with each other in groups in order to cope with this future. It does not matter what kind of groups: study groups, life sharing groups, working groups . . . Join together to run a school, a business, or a farm in a deeply human way. We have to be ready for the things that are coming towards us.

My estimate is that the nadir of this battle will fall around the years 2020 to 2040. Then the abyss of the demons will open. National Socialism and Bolshevism will pale in comparison with this. Millions of people will perish. But millions will also resist. And just as in all previous times, Manu will be there to help, as he was undoubtedly present at the great conflict in Mexico.

Many will be called, and many will, out of their own free will, join the side of Manu."

- Bernard Lievegoed, Zeist, October/November 1992

Saturn Conjunct Pluto January 12, 2020 in 23° Capricorn

Saturn is the Father energies, and with the inspiration from Pluto, there comes large changes in the physical world. This is about rebirth, about courage and love. We are here to create a new future for us and the future generations. The conjunction between Saturn and Pluto have earlier meant the collapse of the establishment like government, economy, banking, and big corporations, and mass disease, like the coronavirus. This conjunction will create an enormous energy that will be felt strongly through the whole year, and through new cycles of Saturn and Pluto through the next forty years or so.

The large corporations and companies have large expenditures and without income, they may be very vulnerable and may be difficult to save for the state, although they may try, but hopefully will common sense stop them. If we lock our societies up in the small, our small companies may survive and they may only need smaller amounts of money for survival. A smaller lock up will not help the large corporations in the same degrees as the smaller companies. It's not possible to see how the economy will be hit, like negative prices for oil.

The karmic energies of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction has initiated the coronavirus and with the Pluto-Jupiter conjunction the breakdown of the materialistic societies, where people have been sent home to contemplate, to isolate themselves from each other in fear of the Coronavirus.

The Problem

Modern civilization can't solve its own problems, humanity and the old souls have to decide what their future is, and it is now!

We must be quite clear that many people — in greater and greater numbers — simply cannot come to terms with life. Some admit this to themselves — they are possibly the best. Others do not admit it, and the world-chaos into which we have fallen is due to their actions. All the chaos, the disorder that exists today, is the direct consequence of this inner cleavage, this ignorance of the extent to which the moral world has reality. Men prefer to blunt their understanding of the great world-problems since they are unwilling to force themselves to admit where the cleavage actually lies. They prefer to ignore it. Now the cleavage cannot be healed by what is today called civilization. Rudolf Steiner


The Coronavirus is the joker in the game, it's a game changer. Virus are not alive, neither is it dead material. It's in a state in the middle between the physical and the plant, the etheric. Outside a cell it's potential life, inside a cell it becomes living as result of the life in the cell. When people become deadly sick by this virus the physical body and etheric body is loosened from each other, we are not bound to the physical world as much, we become less materialistic, we hear the inspirations from the spiritual world much better.


The virus can be very aggressive, and for those who survive it's aggressive form, the etheric body and physical body have been loosened as if by a scalpel. Sickness, accidents or strong shock may separate the physical and etheric body, and this makes us less materialistic, we are also less prone creating new karma, and we are more open to inspirations from the spiritual.

Rudolf Steiner has described how Goethe was sick and how it changed his connection to the spiritual world.

From “The Karma of Vocation” – On Goethe

”With Goethe, this force of soul became even stronger, and yet he lived to an advanced age. What enabled him to live so long? You will recall that I reminded you yesterday of a fact that intervened significantly in Goethe’s life..

After he had spent some years in Leipzig as a student, he became seriously ill and stood face to face with death. He virtually looked death in the face. This illness is, to be sure, a natural phenomenon in the organism. However, we never learn to understand a man who creates out of the elemental forces of the world — indeed, we never learn really to understand any man — unless we take into consideration such events in the course of his karma.

What really happened to Goethe when he became ill in Leipzig? We may describe it as a complete loosening of the etheric body in which the life forces of the soul had been active until then.

It was loosened to such an extent that, after this illness, he no longer had that closely knit connection between the etheric and the physical bodies that he had formerly possessed.

The etheric body, however, is the supersensible member in us that really makes it possible to form concepts, to think.

Abstract concepts such as we have in ordinary life, the only concepts that are approved by most persons who are materialistically disposed, come about through the fact that the etheric body is, as it were, closely united with the physical by a strong magnetic union.

It is also through this fact that we possess a strong impulse to project our will into the physical world, that is, provided the astral body is strongly developed. In the case of Robespierre, Mirabeau and Danton, we have an etheric body strongly united with the physical but also a powerfully developed astral body.

This works, in turn, upon the etheric body, which establishes these human individualities strongly in the physical world.

Goethe was also organized like this, but another force now worked in him and brought about a complication. The result was that the etheric body was loosened and remained so through the illness that had brought him to the point of death.

When the etheric body is no longer so intimately united with the physical body, however, it no longer thrusts its forces into the physical but retains them. This explains the transformation Goethe passed through when he returned to Frankfurt.

There, during his acquaintance with Fräulein von Klettenberg, the mystic, and with various medical friends who were devoted to studies in alchemy, and through the writings of Swedenborg, he really developed a systematic spiritual world conception.

It was still somewhat chaotic, but nevertheless a systematic spiritual world conception, and he was profoundly inclined to occupy himself with supersensible things.

Here we see how a natural event seems to enter with immense significance into the life of a human being.

Undoubtedly, it points to a deeper interrelationship than the one the biographers generally wish to reveal. The significance of an illness to a man cannot be explained on the basis of hereditary tendencies but rather points to the connection between a man and the world in such a way that this relationship must be conceived spiritually. You will note also how Goethe’s life was thus complicated; such experiences determine how we take things in and what we are ourselves.”

Jordan Peterson, who have a strong presence in the physical world, have been near death, and it seems his heart have opened up, I expect much from his side. I have two friends who have gone or are going through the sickness, and there is for the one a stronger personal presence and for the other a deeper clairvoyance than before the sickness. A journalist who after the sickness wasn't satisfied with his previous job, may also be an indication of an awakening, that their connection to the material world has lessened.

Steiner describes the epidemics of bacillus as the result of a won battle by the higher powers over the Ahrimanic beings who were thrown down on earth (Battle between Michael and Ahriman.) Is the Coronavirus the result of the returned Christ winning over the Asuras?

Mars conjunct Jupiter March 20, 2020, in 23° Capricorn

Mars is the messenger of God. This conjunction connects to the previous conjunction between Saturn and Pluto, here we think of war against the Coronavirus. When it moves into Aquarius freedom becomes the central topic.

Pluto-Jupiter Conjunctions

Jupiter and Pluto will invite a deepening of growth, digging into the roots of circumstance to discover what truly matters and brings cultural change. Pluto, as we’re seeing with the coronavirus, can bring death, transformation, and rebirth. Jupiter, the Son, is all about expansion, so whatever Pluto is doing it can make gargantuan! Jupiter will expand the energies of Pluto and amplify what it is we need to transform. This is also a time where we are likely to see news around economy and banking. This Jupiter-Pluto Triple Conjunction, starting with Pluto conjunct Saturn and ending with Jupiter conjunct Saturn is extremely strong. The conjunction came into orb on January 29, 2020, and will remain in orb through January 7, 2021, this will be the stage for the conjunction.

The first conjunction puts us in a problematic situation, the second conjunction comes when we have worked with the problem and better understood what it's all about, and the third solution comes when we have decided what to do, or not to do.

It's an old well known problem, Materialism, and materialism alienates people from each other, through centralization it has put people into boxes and cut their lines to neighbors, friends and family. Pluto conjunct Saturn created the Coronavirus, but it is not the real problem, the problem is how we handle it.

1. Pluto - Jupiter Conjunction, April 4, 2020, in 24° Capricorn

Materialism gives up, hides behind the barricades, and let the society die a slow death. Twenty years ago materialism had fought the virus without closing the society down, production and consumerism wouldn't have been stopped, but materialism today is weak, have no energy to fight. This is really about fear of life! In many books about a dystopian future people live isolated. This is what is happening now, we are taught to live with distance to each other, in each our small box, because of fear for a sickness that really isn't much worse than the flu we already have, except it's quicker to infect. We are supposed to hide a year at least to a vaccine is found! Are we going to hide behind the barricades? Are we giving over our freedom to modern slaver capitalism and globalization with a central government lead by these companies, the New Normal?

We have been given a period to contemplate, where all of earth are contemplating at the same time, a kind of detox from materialism, giving the old souls, who are ready, the possibility to go through the illumination, the initiation. Materialism today means that one %1 have 80% of the wealth, they use the shared resources of mankind to become rich, mishandling a humanity that can't compete with them and their low taxes.

Pluto goes retrograde on April 24th to October 4th, 2020 and Saturn goes retrograde May 11th to September 29th, 2020.

2. Pluto-rx - Jupiter-rx Conjunction, June 30th, 2020

On this day, retrograde Jupiter is conjunct retrograde Pluto, stirring themes from March 2020. Whatever themes happened in March may present again in some way in order for us to learn more information or to work through more of the lessons. We will gain new insights and knowledge, to be prepared to handle world karma.

Are we going to hide behind the barricades? Have we begun to understand what we should do? Are the secrets of the decadent materialism being revealed?

3. Jupiter - Pluto Conjunction, November 12, 2020

On this day, Jupiter and Pluto conjunct again for the last time. This energy is extremely rare and will help to bring a closure to events that happened in March and June of 2020. Pluto and Jupiter working together may also leave gifts of abundance and help us to claim back our power in some way. They may also change the way we view abundance and money as well. This is kind of the Synthesis of the previous two conjunctions. Has everything hidden been revealed and handled.


Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction in Aquarius, December 21, 2020

The Saturn-Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius is the rebuilding of what couldn't stand through the year. When Jupiter and Saturn come together there is both the intensity of old forms dying as well as the fertility of new growth beginning to take shape, now formed in the air sign Aquarius energies of freedom.

Saturn and Jupiter's conjunctions in earth, like 1961, characterized by a sense of limitless expansion and development, manifesting as the material prosperity of the post-war era, and in 1981, a new conjunction accelerated with growth of new technologies and corporate power expanding in ways never seen before, with national governments becoming subordinate to the financial interests of powerful corporations, and corporations solidifying their control with digital technologies. The opposition between Saturn and Jupiter in 1989/90 happened at the time of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the fall of the Soviet Union and the Savings and Loan crisis of 1989, which ended in the 1990 recession.

The Long walk from Rome to USA

The constellations in 2020 is about materialism, capitalism, ideological and religious orthodoxy. The capitalistic materialism is primarily about USA, and it's about the end of an epoch, see The Plan over Planetary aspects. USA has a war economy based on capitalistic materialism trying to spread consumerism to the whole world on American terms. This is a repetition of the old Rome before Diocletian, France before Napoleon and Germany before Hitler. What happens now is karma from previous incarnations of its folk-soul, the Roman folk-soul, has it learned something through the 2000 years since Rome.

Socrates and the Sophists, the Caesars of the Future

Gautama Buddha was the prime bodhisattva that incarnated again and again all over the world. Buddha ended the time of the outer gods, preparing the time of Christ, where God became an inner god, ending the period of tribe consciousness.

Socrates was the first person with an inner 'I', leading the new development of the conscious 'I' in man. In contrast to previous philosophers like Thales, Pythagoras, Heraclitus, Parmenides, and Democritus that tried to explain the nature, the outer world, Socrates tried to explain the inner world, ethics. Ethics is the guiding line for the new humanity who had lost their group soul, who had to learn to become a true human. Sophism is the opponent to ethics, its about egotism, that everything is allowed for satisfying ones own ego. The Sophists is the organized dark powers on earth working through materialism to gain power, as they have done every time they have incarnated en masse.

 Socrates is preparing the new period and he is himself the archetype for the new humanity. He is incarnating again and again up to Golgotha to prepare the world for the greatest mystery of earth.

In the Socrates incarnation he taught the new way of thinking and thereby how to handle the biggest threat toward humanity, the Sophists, the coming masters of the materialistic world. He introduced the 'I' thinking on earth and he showed that it was the only way to handle the manipulations of the political thinkers, the Sophists, whose teachings goal was to win discussions without knowing anything about the subject, to gain the power needed for their own purpose, without any empathy for others.

When the Sophists can't win through manipulation they can always get the opponent killed, and that happened for Socrates. The word sophisticated comes from the Sophists, as they made things so complicated that the opponents couldn't look through their lies. Politicians ever since have been schooled in Sophism. In Xenophon, Memorabilia we have the fight between Socrates and the Sophists, and it is the same problem we have today with the ideology of American materialism, the dark lodges.

Socrates defense was a message to the aftertime not really a defense to save his own life, he had much to do so he incarnated quickly again as he should stop the Persian threat, create a cultural center in Egypt, create a Roman empire, free Israel, make an alliance with Rome and prepare the incarnation of Jesus.

Rome and the Eagle

We meet the Sophists again as the leaders of Rome. They use the people ruthlessly for their power games and wars. And the periods of decadence was brutal. Here a 20 minutes short history of Rome, quite good. At the end of the Roman Empire a soldier became Emperor, Diocletian, and he changed the Empire to a true dictatorship. This may be where we are now, will it go differently this time?

The Eagle is the symbol for the Roman folk-soul, it's their job to purify it, to replace fear and loneliness with love and friendship, and it will be their totem each time they incarnate.

What are the main characteristics of the Roman Empire?

A caste, race and slave divided society where loneliness, fear and anger is central.

Militarism with fascination of weapons.

Political power struggles and corruption.

No respect for it's citizens and human life.

A bubble/hyperinflationary economy because of military expenditures and corruption.

Ambitions of world ruler ship.

Ending in dictatorship with large-scale wars.

This we will find in all later incarnations of the Roman Empire, where the citizens are sacrificed as pawns for the rulers schemes.

The karmic task is to replace fear with caring love, with friendship instead of strife.

Napoleon and the Eagle

The Roman's incarnated the next time in France in the time leading up to and including the time of Napoleon, again under the Eagle, with aggrandized schemes of ruler ship.

This is the time of the Thirty Years War, with Cardinal Richelieu and King Louis XIII, Queen Anne of Austria, followed by Cardinal Jules Mazarin and King Louis XIV, Louis XV, Louis XVI. Louis XVI was the last king of France, the French Revolution ended the royal reign.

 Napoleon Bonaparte reintroduced dictatorship and crowned himself as emperor. We may be at the time of the French Revolution, will it go differently this time?

Hitler and the Eagle

The Roman folk-soul incarnated the next time in Germany under Hitler again under the Eagle. The fate of Germany was a kind of repetition of the Roman empire. The fate of the materialistic societies in the West is about money, using more money than available. A weak hyperinflationary currency lead to Hitler. Are we now at the corresponding time where Hitler got the power? Will it go differently this time?

USA and the Eagle

The Roman folk-soul reincarnated now in the USA together with the warrior folk from Japan. This is the background for the warrior culture that came with the insane fascination of weapons and wars. The Sophist leaders began playing their power play all over the world, where murder, blackmail and wars was legitimate instruments. They didn't help other countries because of sympathy, it was for purely strategic reasons.

After the Cold War, globalization became the route to rule the world. Through the American multinational companies did the leaders of the Roman folk-soul want to control the world. The more they could get the world to take over rules created in multinational forums, like the UN, the easier it became to control them. An independent democracy is more difficult to control.

They made the dollar the world currency by agreement with Saudi Arabia, that oil prices was in dollar. They could from 1971 print dollars without any underlying security, all accepted it as having a value even though it wasn't worth the paper it was printed on.

Here the first comparison between Roman and American history:

The People and the Rulers

The people have died or been misused in their leader's wars or schemes, decadence was nearly always a constant follower. It has created strong anger and hate toward their leaders. And it may be so strong that their leaders can't get away with their misdeeds any longer.

Today 1% own as much as 80% and it's increasing. The middle class is becoming lower class too. But for some reason this is not something that creates anger, they need something else, and here come the Conspiracy Theories in. They are understandable and the anger is built up around these. They are really not as important as the real atrocities the leadership has done, but no normal human have the necessary imagination, and many of the atrocities have become nearly normal.

The way out of this is friendship between all citizens, replacing the strife that has existed in the American society and through all incarnations of the Roman folk-soul, working together to change the system.

And this goes for all of the world!

A Major Mystery

One of the greatest mysteries is how the superstar Clinton could lose to the gladiator Trump? Trump is one of the people, he is not sophisticated, he shares the anger toward the leaders with the people. He is absolutely not fit to rule, but the people forgive him, for they don't expect him to, they see him as fighting their hated leaders. This is not about logic, it's an anger going deep down, the people haven't got it better under Trump, the rich have, but the people have a hope, build up around the mythology called conspiracy theories.

The American Revolution and Pluto In Capricorn

In two years Pluto is at the exact place it was when the American Revolution took place, its the end of a cycle, something new is going to start. This year is crucial for the change to come. The following describes the end of Rome and compares it with the coming end of the Caesarian USA.

The Eagle

The Eagle is the symbol of the new time, the transformed materialism, the Father.

Other Sources

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