By Kim Graae Munch

Esoteric Earth History

DianaIn the start of the Earth period all life was connected to an etheric planet through a life giving cord, and the planet was Sophia, the angelic hierarchy. This is symbolized by this statue, the mother of all life.

​The spiritual reality consisted of a number of hierarchies and those above man was conscious in God and mankind and the hierarchies below man wasn't yet conscious. Those who was conscious in God is said to be part of the sun, sun initiates, where the others was in darkness, were sub-earthly beings. Minerals, plants, animals and elementals are the chthonic gods or beings. Everything above is the sphere of the gods.

This is the old universe as we received it, the previous Earth incarnation called the old Moon. In the beginning of the Earth æon we lived on the etheric planet we had inherited from the old Moon, walking between the gods, the angelic beings, the lunar pitris and the Luciferic teachers.

The angelic beings where connected with the higher hierarchies, while the Luciferic beings had removed their connection to the higher hierarchies, just as man have today. Angels to the left, luciferic angels to the right:

They had made themselves independent so they could teach us independence.

At that time we consisted of an etheric body and an astral body, symbolized through Lilith and Adam. These bodies was not yet ready to incorporate our soul seed, so it hovered above. In reality we are the developed soul seed that hovered above the bodies.


The physical began solidifying and we began gradually the infolding of the etheric body into the physical body, and at the same time the bond to the astral body was loosened. It's symbolized through Lilith leaving Adam to go out in the desert. What happened is taking place in a lesser degree each time we go to sleep, then Lilith leaves Adam and goes out in the desert, becoming unconscious.

As we began the infolding gradually most of the etherbody was outside the physical in the start, and therefore we could still see the gods. The gods was depicted as the blue men of the Hindu or cloaked in fish skin as in Mesopotamia. The blue color was the complementary color of the etheric peach blossom color.

With gradually is meant that the physical bodies in the start couldn't contain all of the etheric bodies, they wasn't sophisticated enough, lacked organs of enough complexity, so the more developed the physical bodies became the more infolded the etheric body became. It can be said that the physical was created in the picture of the etheric body.

When the physical body was developed enough to contain all of the etheric body, our etheric sight lost contact to the etheric world, it was fully covered, and the gods was lost to our sight. This time in history is known as the death of Krishna and the start of Kali Yuga, the dark period, or called the end of dreamtime by the aborigines of Australia or the Tower of Babel by the Christians.

Krishna's Death

From now on the gods worked through avatars like the bodhisattvas Gautama and Zarathustra, and others.

Only the etheric and astral body was folded into the physical body, the soul hovered still above the body, not connected to the body, still part of the group soul.

God makes a covenant with humankind, that he would write the law into mans inner, into their hearts, we will be one and God will be their conscience. 

Jeremiah 31:33

But it didn't go peacefully, we are what God wrote into the body of man, and we have had a hard ride, as the ego of the body wasn't ready to give up its freedom to the I of the soul.

Christ Jesus was the new Adam Kadmon, the sum of the hierarchies, of course only the top of the iceberg was visible, or rather the intersection of a double cone, with the conscious hierarchies above and unconscious hierarchies below.

Jesus enters the death world, God becomes conscious in the astral world, and our soul enters the infolding. It means that the purified astral soul of God entered the astral world of the old universe.

Steiner mentions that at the time of Jesu death, the whole universe turned the inside out, that the old universe inherited from the moon period now became the inside and the new universe the outside, the spiritual died in the old universe and resurrected in the new universe, became inner reality where they before had been outer reality.

As the darkness came over the world and the veil at the temple split, the outer physical reality we inherited from the old Moon becomes inner and the inner reality becomes outer.

From Isis Mary Sophia:

All of the purified spiritual microcosmos above the physical plane, enters the dark death-world of the physical world at the death of Jesus. The Father of Jesus leaves Jesus before his death, as the spirit can't die, can't connect to the dark astral world.

But Jesus enters the death-world, and with him comes the light into the physical, etheric world and the astral world, the gods moved into our inner world.

Then the infolding of the universe happens, what before was the outside of the physical world, with the bodies of man, now inverts and become the inside, and the inner of man, now including Jesus, becomes the outside.

​ In the following drawing the spiritual world is outside, and the old physical world is inside, void of spiritual life, it's actually a dying universe, the new universe is building outside, what in reality is our inner.

What we look at is the old reality, the dead universe, and inside us and outside the infolding, we build the new universe, the new Jupiter, Shangri-La, Paradise, new Jerusalem or new Israel.

This is how Christ became the spirit of Earth.

When we die we leave the infolding, our etherbody disintegrates and our astral body is cleansed and prepared for a new round.

But when we go through the initiation our etherbody becomes immortal, it will no longer disintegrate when we die, we leave the infolding whole and will live on in the etheric world and continue living in the etherbody when creating a new physical infolding.

Christ is both a human being, in whose picture we are created, who have walked the path before we walked it, but he is also God, the sum of humanity, Adam Kadmon.

Meeting Christ in the etheric is meeting an individuality and God when we have acquired a permanent etheric body. Arjuna knew Krishna like an etheric individual, but saw him also once as God, as Adam Kadmon, as all the hierarchies, and he also saw that he himself was the new Adam, the Temple Builder.

Arjuna's vision of himself

Jacob is another name of Arjuna, and Jacob was given the name Israel by Yahweh, and by that is not meant the physical country, but the new humanity, the New Israel, he was the Temple Builder. In a vision by Yahweh he was shown the ladder with angels walking up and down, the same as was shown Arjuna in Krishna's great vision.

The I AM


The following is by Rudolf Steiner in Berlin 1/28/1907:

The I, or true personality, can commit faults as well. The Paradise story indicates the kind of fault through which an I-being may fall. The human beings higher soul became an I when it descended from the bosom of the Godhead and entered an earthly body for the first time.

I AMIt was taken up by the earthly body like a drop of water by a sponge. The higher soul, or individuality, can commit faults within the I-being. These failures of the I, which are different from those stemming from faulty qualities of the etheric and astral bodies, occur through the very fact of a man's attaining independence.

To rise gradually, in full consciousness, to freedom and Independence, human beings had to pass through selfishness and egoism. As souls are descended from the Godhead, which is incapable of egoism.

A member of an organism never imagines itself independent; if a finger were to imagine itself independent, it would fall away from the rest of the hand and wither.

The self-dependence that is so necessary to human development, and that will attain its full meaning when selflessness becomes it's fundamental nature, could originate only from selfishness. When this selfishness entered the human body, human beings became self-seeking and egotistic.

The I naturally follows the body's inclinations. Human beings devour one another, following selfish impulses and desires; they are completely entangled in their earthly receptacles as the drops of water in the sponge.

The Paradise story shows the individual is placed in a position to sin just by having become an individual, a truly independent being. Where as previously human beings drew in what they needed from the universe - just as a single drop in a mass of water derives its force from the mass - impulses in the human being as a fully independent individuality derive wholly from that individual.

The eating of the apple in Paradise indicates this kind of error, which stemmed from independence. It is significant, too, that the Latin word malum means both "evil" and "apple".

All real meanings of words - provided, of course, that they have their esoteric background - are deeply connected in an inner sense. Spiritual science never uses the word evil for any transgression that does not stem from the I.

Evil is therefore a fault that arises from the I. Trespass, or guilt, is fault that arises from the etheric body of a human being within social relationships. Temptation may assail the astral body in whatever way it is individually or personally at fault.

Thus, the fault of the etheric body is debts, or guilt; the fault of the astral body is temptation; and the fault of the I is evil.

Consider the relationship of the four lower principles of human nature to their environment - that is, the planetary conditions surrounding them.

The physical body continually takes in physical substance as nourishment; in this way it maintains its existence.

The etheric body's life in a finite condition is possible only when fellowship is maintained with those into whose community one has grown.

The astral body is maintained by overcoming temptation. The I is maintained and undergoes development in the right way by not yielding to the threat of evil.

Enoch's Book

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